How To Take Care Of Your Aquamarine Jewelry

Aquamarine belongs to Beryl family. The gorgeous gemstone is found in various parts of the world. Used since the prehistoric period, aquamarine is believed to possess some unique qualities. It was believed that this gemstone protects the sailors during sea travel and save them from possible hazards at sea. It is said that the gemstone has the property to calm the mind and enhance rational thinking. The stunning deep blue color aquamarine is the most sought after among the various shades available from light blue to deep blue and greenish blue. Various types of jewelry are made out of this exquisite gemstone and some are quite expensive thanks to their color, cut and transparency. If you have aquamarine jewelry or if you intend to buy jewelry made of these gemstones, here are some suggestions to help you take care of the jewelry.

1) Like you need to do with all jewelry made of precious stones, you need to wear your make up on before you wear your aquamarine jewelry. The chemicals in the cosmetics, perfumes and hairspray are sure to damage your adorable jewelry and hence it would be wise to wear your jewelry after you are through with your make up.

2) Aquamarines are scratch resistant. However, it does not imply that you could do your household chores. The cleaning liquid you might use while cleaning your house could contain chemicals that are harmful for your jewelry.

3) Being hard in quality, aquamarine jewelry encourages you to wear them on frequently. However, it would be better to remove them once you return from office or an outing as the natural oils your skin secretes will result in the gemstone losing its luster in due course. 

4) Once you remove your aquamarine jewelry, ensure that you store each of them separately. Use cloth that is purely cotton as it would be soft on the jewel.

5) Never place it alongside other gemstones while you store aquamarine jewelry. This gemstone is hard but diamonds and rubies are harder. Hence, the possibilities include that aquamarine could be damaged. On the other hand, if you were to store this gemstone with something softer such as garnets, you will find that aquamarine leaves a lasting mark on garnets. Hence, it would be wise to store each of these jewelry separately.

6) Do not expose aquamarine jewelry to direct sunlight. Exposing to extreme temperatures will result in the fading of color of the gemstone, which is famous for its stunning glow.

7) While cleaning aquamarine jewelry, it is advisable to use warm water with a dash of mild liquid soap. You could use a toothbrush to gently clean the jewelry. Avoid using hot water, as there is a possible risk of thermal shock. Similarly, avoid using detergent and enzyme cleaners as they could stimulate allergic reactions.

8) Once you have the cleaning solution ready in the form of warm soapy water, soak the jewelry for 10 minutes and not more. Use the toothbrush or a soft cloth to clean the jewelry once you take it out of water. Once you are done with cleaning, rinse it with warm water. Pat it dry.

Some of the aquamarine jewelries are available in rare colors and they are expensive. Even the inexpensive jewelry looks great and attractive. Since it is quite an investment and the jewelry involves intricate work, it is recommended to adhere to safety measures to ensure that you take appropriate care of aquamarine jewelry.