How To Distinguish Original Blue Sapphire Gemstone From Fake

The best gemstones in the world are duplicated. Hence, it is no surprise to find fake gemstones doing the rounds posing as original sapphires. It becomes the responsibility of the buyer to distinguish real from fake. If you are looking to buy sapphire gemstones, it is essential that you know what to look for to find out the genuinity of the gemstone on hand. Here are some quick suggestions to help you get started.

Before you begin, the most important fact that you need to know are the types of look alikes in the market that resemble blue sapphires. Some gemstones that pose as blue sapphire include synthetic cubic zirconia, benitoite, tanzanite and iolite. Hence, it becomes all the more important to have a thorough knowledge on what to look for while you buy sapphires.

Sapphires of superior quality will be in deep blue color. When you move this gemstone in light, you will find that it does not reflect other colors. Regardless of the color, all genuine sapphires have this quality. Original sapphire gemstone reflects its color. You will find lab-created sapphires too in the market. However, you will know them by their color, as they will be brighter than original sapphires.

Surface And Inclusions
Sapphires are the second hardest gemstone and hence you will hardly find any scratches on the surface. When you look to buy sapphires, look at the surface to see if there are any scratches or bubbles. If you find either of these or both of these, you can be sure that what you have on hand is a glass.

Differentiating From Look-Alikes
Blue sapphire weighs lesser than blue C.Z. Benitoite is unique as it is the only gemstone with a quality to display doubling effect. Hence, by performing doubling test you can tell sapphire apart from benitoite. As far as iolite is concerned, you will find yellow shade when it is rotated. This helps to differentiate from sapphire, as blue sapphire does not display yellow light. When you are unsure if it is tanzanite or sapphire, you could check for the shades through dichroscope. Tanzanite is seen to display three different shades of blue whereas sapphire displays only two shades.

Imperfection Is Perfection
Look out for imperfections in the gemstone. If you find them, you can be assured that you have original sapphire as all genuine sapphires have certain imperfections like colored stripes that can be seen through the gemstone’s top and uneven bottom.

Genuine Jeweler Would Be The Best Choice
If sapphires are new to you, it is highly recommended to reach for a genuine jeweler as regardless of the all the information you could update yourself with, there are possibilities that you end up with the wrong stone. Hence, the best suggestion would be to approach a jeweler of repute. You will also be dealing with a person who is knowledgeable and who could provide you with information you need on the sapphire you intend to buy.

Genuine sapphires cost dearly. Hence, you cannot afford to make mistakes here. Know well about sapphires and seek professional help in ascertaining the value of the gemstone before you sign your cheque.