How To Buy Agate Gemstones?

Agate is a famous gemstone rich in colors and patterns. The colors and patterns are so stunning that you could not find any other gemstone, even the expensive ones to share these qualities. Belonging to the family of chalcedony, agate stands apart from other members of the family by being the only types to be banded. It was believed to have been sourced in Achates River in Sicily over thousand years ago. The river is now called Drillo River but its original name Achates gave agate its name.

Agate develops naturally in the cavities in volcanic lava of ancient rocks. The cavities in the host rocks are filled in layer-by-layer where agates take shape. The gemstones are found in different colors and the composition that seeps into the rocks gives the gemstones their colors. These gemstones are easily available, they are unique, every agate is one of its kind, and they are reasonably priced. These are the reasons for the overwhelming popularity the gemstone enjoys. While you make your purchases, it is essential to consider the following factors.

Agate is famous for its colors. The impurities and the chemical composition cause the colors in agates. The gemstone is found in various colors and some of the most common colors include brown, red, black, white, green, yellow and orange. While the chemical composition is behind the gemstone acquiring its color, factors such as temperature, pressure and radiation influence colors as well. Each color has a meaning associated with it, hence you could go in for the color that would suit your traits and physical conditions best.

Cuts enhance the beauty of the gemstone and the finished product. These naturally banded stones look stunning if cut to perfection. Being a hard stone, it allows various shapes to be made of it. Look out how the stone is cut if you want to have a perfect and appealing product on you.

Carat Weight
Agate is generally seen in large forms. It is only during processing that this massive stone is cut and polished to make medium sized and small sized stones. As the carat weight also influences the price, you need to choose the size based on your wallet size.

Before you step into a store to make your agate purchase, ensure that you know the basics of the gemstone and its types. Having a knowledge on the types of agates will help you in making the right choice. You should know what to look for while trying to ascertain the genuinity of the gemstone.

Choose The Perfect Fit
If it is agate jewelry that you are planning to buy, it would be better to tailor your search according to the finances on hand. With the budget in mind, you could start looking for the types of agates and the colors. Whether you buy agate necklaces or agate bracelets, you need to consider your body frame before you make your choice. For some choker models might be great while for others it could look out of place. Hence, make a perfect choice and base your decision on what would look good on you rather than which looks good.

Agates are lovely in all forms of jewelry and artwork. They enhance the appearance of the product. As assessing the quality of the gemstone is highly important while making your purchase, you need to reach out to a jewelry store that does genuine gemstone business.