History Of Blue Sapphire And Stories Behind It

Sapphire, the beautiful and transparent blue gemstone has been used since ancient times. Blue sapphires are associated with various religious beliefs, which is evident from the fact that these stones were considered holy by ancient Persians and they were believed to be representing the heavens by other faiths. They were worn by the kings of the bygone era around their necks, as they believed that these gemstones protected them from harm. Generally considered a gemstone to bring prosperity, people who followed Buddhism believed that the gemstone represented loyalty and friendship. The most important quality associated to sapphire is that it protects the wearer against sorcery. A time when witchcraft was widely believed and dreaded, the stone was said to offer protection from evil spirits and return the negative spells back to the person who sent them. The gemstone is said to offer peace to the wearer and eliminate negative thoughts and emotions.

History Of Blue Sapphire
Sapphire is a variety of corundum. Another famous variety of corundum is ruby, which is in red color. Considered highly valuable since 800 BC, the gemstones are found in metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks and also in alluvial deposits. The gemstone acquires the magnificent blue color owing to the presence of iron and titanium in corundum. While blue sapphires are the most sought after, the gemstones are found in other colors including yellow, white, green, pink, brown, orange and purple. Sapphire is the second hardest substance known on earth.

Sources Of Sapphire
Sapphires are found in various parts of the world. The best sapphires are found in Kashmir and Burma. Kashmir sapphires are examples of the finest specimen of sapphires. Srilanka is considered to be the first land to source sapphires. Sapphires from Madagascar and Srilanka are quite famous as well. Other sources of these magnificent gemstones include China, Brazil, Colombia, Nepal, Thailand, Australia, Rwanda, Nigeria and Pakistan. 

Stories About Sapphire
Sapphire is popular both for the attraction it holds thanks to its appearance and for the qualities associated with it. The gemstone is considered a great form of protection to ward off evil spirits, safeguard innocent people and bring peace and happiness for the wearer. Kings of the ancient times wore sapphires around their neck with a view to defend themselves from possible attacks. King Solomon had on him a sapphire ring. Sapphires are used in crown jewelry too.

Considered a symbol of heavens, the gemstone was believed to help in addressing various medical conditions and bring prosperity to the wearer. It was also believed to aid in safe traveling. Sapphires have an important quality associated with them, which is essential for peace of life; the gemstones are said to suppress negative thoughts and stimulate positive and wise thinking.

Uses Of Sapphire
It is a well-known fact that sapphires are used in the making of jewelry. The various colors in sapphire are associated to different meanings and it is believed that wearing a particular color sapphire would aid in treating problems associated with the color. Apart from this, the hardness of this gemstone enables various uses in industrial applications.

Do Sapphires Cost Heavily?
Sapphires are expensive. The price, however, depends on the color and the source of sapphire. Hence, it would be better to have an insight into the history of sapphires and the sources, which would be highly beneficial while determining the value.