History And Legends Of Carnelian Gemstone

Carnelian, also known as cornelian, is a chalcedony form belonging to the family of quartz. Mostly seen in red and orange colors, the gemstone is associated with some of the richest characteristics. It is considered a balancer, energy booster and a stimulator to enhance creativity. The gemstone has been widely used since ancient ages as it was revered for its spiritual association. The attractive shades of the gemstone along with the qualities associated with it make it one amongst the most sought after stones.

History Of Carnelian Gemstone
This chalcedony variety has been used by various cultures across the world. The gemstone derives its name from a Latin word, which means horn. This could refer to the flesh like hue of some of these gemstones. There is also yet another theory that the name could have originated from another Latin word meaning cherry. Ancient Romans and Greeks used this gemstone in the making of signet rings. These rings, excavated by archaeologists represent the life and style of ancient people. Ancient Egyptians had this gemstone with them as they considered this gemstone a source of vitality. 

Sources Of Carnelian Gemstone
Carnelian gemstones are found in many parts of the world. This quartz form is found in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. When lava bursts during the process of volcanic eruption, these rocks are formed, in which large amounts of chalcedony are found. The gemstone was originally discovered in the deserts of Arabia and Egypt. It is now found Australia, Brazil, China, Iceland, United Kingdom, United States and Peru and the major source of carnelian is now seen in India.

Stories About Carnelian Gemstone
Any information on a gemstone is necessarily associated with certain legends that do the rounds with the gemstone. Carnelian gemstones have a lot to inspire and interest you. While the abundance of the gemstone has reduced the level of preciousness with which it was held, the beliefs associated with this stone encourage more and more people to go for it.

The gemstone is considered to improve understanding of self. It is said to help one to interact better and enhance one’s self esteem. It is a motivator and a stimulator to enhance creativity. It aids in improving skills at organizing and coordinating. In short, it is considered the best aid to enhance the quality of life.

Apart from the materialistic benefits, the gemstone has various other beliefs associated with it. It is said to protect against evil spirits and ancient Egyptians believed in the aid of this gemstone in life after death.

Carnelian gemstone has various health benefits as well. It aids in digestion, reduces abdominal pain. It is a blood purifier and heals various conditions like rheumatism and kidney problems. The stone rejuvenates cells. It was also considered to help with fertility.

Some of the magical powers associated with this gemstone include suppressing jealousy and anger. It helps to eliminate hatred and negative thoughts. In the ancient ages, the gemstone was used mostly to help with clarity of mind and action and control negative emotions. It was considered to induce analytical thinking. By assisting in the thought process and making the wearer acquire positive state of mind, the gemstone was believed to make life better.

Carnelian gemstones are sought for their beauty and qualities. While some of the age-old beliefs have died with the passing of centuries, the gemstone holds attractions for certain beliefs associated with it even today. The medical properties and the magical properties associated with the gemstone are too hard to resist, which is evident from the fact that people love jewelry made of carnelian gemstone.