Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Ring

The moment you hear the word ‘Halo’, your mind races to the psychological effect it can produce. Associated with holiness as well as used to refer to the circle of light around the celestial bodies such as the sun and moon, the idea of seeking halo engagement ring for your partner cannot be more appealing. The effect indeed is special and naturally so, as it is for the woman you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

What Is Halo Engagement Ring?

A ring, which has its center stone encircled by smaller diamonds is called halo ring. The halo circle of diamonds accentuates the attraction of the center stone. A well-defined halo enhances the brilliance of the center stone and draws your attention to it instantly. Halo engagement rings have been in vogue since the 1920s. While diamonds are the most often-used center stones in halo ring setting, other popular gemstones used include ruby, sapphire and jade. You can have the shape you want for the diamond including round cut, pear cut and cushion cut. The settings improve the visual appearance and make the center stone appear bigger and more brilliant.

Types of Halo Engagement Rings

While the styles of halo engagement rings are many, they can be broadly classified as two types; in one type, the stone sits flush with the halo without any gap in between and the other type encircles the center stone with a separation between the halo and the diamond at the center. The ring with space between center stone and halo is referred to as a floating halo.

As far as the designs are concerned, halo engagement rings can be created in stunning styles. To provide the halo appeal, inner prongs are designed in such a way that they hold the center stone. Yet another method is to cut and groove the diamonds so that they fit in the setting. You can get creative with the designs and make yours amazingly unique. Some prefer to have a floating halo while some have their center stone above the halo, which is referred to as the high set halo.

How to Get the Unique Effect in Your Ring?

If you are looking to buy a halo engagement ring, you might want to consider the following factors.

  • Check for the quality of the diamond, as it is the most important factor that creates the magic. To enhance its aesthetic appeal, you need to ensure that the diamonds are cut and set to precision.
  • The center stone and the diamonds around should match in all aspects, be it color or clarity. An improper setting will result in the light not flowing well enough to enhance the brilliance of the ring.
  • The diamonds in the setting should blend so that they highlight the beauty of the center stone.
  • If you are willing to dig deep, you can have your halo engagement ring without it being cut and grooved to set the halo. With no inner prongs, the diamonds sparkle and you know you have made a great choice.
  • Try various combinations until you feel that you have the winning design. Try out different stone combinations and halo. A round diamond as the center stone with oval frame or an oval shaped center stone with a square frame and so on. Consider different gemstones and if you can fix a perfect mix and match, you have a deal there.

The Most Popular Settings of Halo Engagement Rings

The most popular settings are prong, bezel and micro pave settings. Apart from the diamond shapes, many shapes are being designed in the making of halo engagement rings including cushion, emerald and princess. Antique setting is all time favorite as in antique setting halo rings look gorgeous. Yet another popular style used in halo engagement rings is the split shank. It looks stunning and it allows you the space to make the best halo ring ever.

Many celebrities favor halo engagement rings over other rings. Lady Diana, the most photographed woman in the world, chose halo ring when she was engaged to marry Prince Charles. Considering the classic taste she possessed and demonstrated during her life, her choice of the halo engagement ring says it all about the ring’s mesmerizing effect.