Garnet Gemstone – History And Interesting Facts

Gemstones never fail to fascinate. The gemstones are the treasures of the earth that are ranked based on their brilliance, availability, color, cut, carat weight and character. Garnet, one of the famous gemstones on earth, has been used for thousands of years. Garnet gemstones are famous for their brilliance and durability. This gemstone is a group of silicate minerals that share similar components and structures. Some of the well-known types of garnet include andradite, almandine, carbuncle, hessonite, rhodolite and topazolite.  They are available in all colors of rainbow excepting blue. They were used by ancient Egyptians in the making of various types of jewelry. 

History Of Garnet Gemstone
Garnets are formed in metamorphic rocks. When a sedimentary rock or igneous rock changes into metamorphic rock owing to heat or pressure or both, the condition favors the formation of garnets. Some garnets, however, form under different condition. When two metamorphic rocks that are formed lay one over the other, they tend to grind against one another as the earth moves. This grinding results in the formation of garnets as well. These garnets could be told apart from the garnets that are found inside metamorphic rocks, as they have chunks of the rocks present in them.

Sources Of Garnet Gemstone
Garnets are found in various parts of the world. Some of the leading producers of garnets include Africa, India, Brazil, USA, Canada, Madagascar, Australia, Burma, Tanzania, Switzerland, Srilanka and Soviet Union.

Interesting Facts And Stories About Garnet Gemstone
Garnet acquires its name from granatus, a Latin word that is said to refer to pomegranate plant. Garnet stones share similarity with the size and color of the red seeds found in pomegranate and hence the name. Garnet was used by Noah while navigating the Ark, which took 40 days and nights. Hence, this gemstone was believed to guide the wearers while on travel. The gemstone was believed to guide and protect the wearer while traveling. The gemstone is associated with traits such as courage, confidence, truth, faith and compassion. It was believed that garnet could help to influence the mind of the wearer by changing his depressed state of mind to make him happy. The ancient people believed that gazing the garnet could influence the mind. Garnet stands as a symbol of love and hence it is considered a right choice to give to one’s love. It is presented during the 19th marriage anniversary as it symbolizes truth and faith.

Garnet is considered a warrior stone and it was believed that with the lion figure engraved in a garnet, the gemstone becomes very effective in curing various diseases, guiding during travel and bringing honors. It was believed that the gemstone had the power to warn the wearer of an impending danger and if the garnet fades and loses its shine, it is an indicator of omen.

Uses Of Garnet Gemstone
It goes without saying that this beautiful gemstone is used in the making of different types of jewelry. Garnet gemstone is used in the cutting of steel and various other materials. Since garnet sand is an effective abrasive, it is widely used in sandblasting. Garnet paper is used by cabinetmakers to finish bare wood.

Since garnet gemstones are available in abundance, they are generally not priced on the higher side. However, the pricing of the gemstone depends on its color, rarity and their endless beauty.