Facts To Consider While Buying Amethyst Gemstones

Amethyst is a form of quartz, which is widely available in all parts of the world. Hence, amethyst has been used by various civilizations across the world since prehistoric times. It is associated with various qualities out of which its role in aiding in curing addiction needs special mention. In fact, the gemstone derives its name from Greek word and it means ‘not intoxicated’. There are legends that state that amethyst cups were used by Roman emperors, as they were believed to safeguard the emperors against poisons. The gemstone was used by royal families in the making of crown jewels and until today, the gemstones are used in various types of jewelry.

The gemstone being commonly available, they are priced reasonably. Being common, the risks of fake amethysts are minimal. However, you need to ensure that you do not fall victim to any false claim and hence it would be better to be equipped with some facts about the gemstone. Moreover, you need to consider certain factors before buying amethyst gemstones.

Amethyst is mostly found in purple and they are the most valued amethyst gemstones. The colors of amethyst include violet, lavender, green and mauve. The gemstone color is clearly displayed only in a perfect natural lighting. Hence, it would be better to inspect its color in daylight. Moreover, original amethyst will display a dash of purple with blue or purple with white. In amethysts created by man, the stones will be purely purple in color with no other shades displayed.

Every type of gemstone is checked for clarity. The clarity levels in gemstones vary but it is essential to see if the clarity of a given gemstone fits with the description. As far amethyst is concerned, if the quality is superior, the gemstone is transparent. You will also find inclusions in original amethysts. The impurities make the gemstone natural and this could be your choice. Inspect the surface to identify scratches, if any. Amethyst being hard, you will hardly find scratches on the surface.

Amethyst with deeper shades will cost you more. Russian amethysts are rare and hence expensive. It would be better to have an idea of the prices offered by various jewelers before you make your purchase. It is essential to learn about the qualities of amethyst in various parts of the world and knowing the origin of the gemstone might help to know if you are reasonably charged.

Jewelry Type
If you are buying amethyst gemstones to make jewelry, you need to have a clear idea of your requirements. Your choice of size should be based on the type of jewelry you intend to create. If it is for a pendant, you need to consider the length of the necklace and if it is for a necklace, you need to consider its size. For rings, you could go for small sized gemstone to medium sized amethysts. For bracelets, the style decides the size of the gemstone.

Most important of all is the choice of the jewelry store. Amethysts may be commonly available but some types are rare and hence expensive. While others may be common, some are heat treated to acquire different shades including yellow and green. Hence, you need to make your purchases from a genuine seller who possesses knowledge on the gemstone and is willing to impart it. Make your purchases with the right seller and return equipped with more knowledge along with the purchase.