Factors To Consider While Buying Garnet Gemstones

Garnet, the gemstone with fabulous colors has been attracting mankind for centuries. These gemstones have been used in the making of jewelry since ancient times by various cultures across the world. The opulence of the semi-precious gemstone and its historical importance make the gemstone unique and favored. Garnet is available in rainbow colors except blue. Garnet is not a single gemstone but it is a cluster of silicate minerals with common components and structures. These clusters of garnets resemble pomegranate seeds and hence they have acquired the name granatus in Latin meaning pomegranate plant.

A typical garnet family has many garnet gemstones in its fold out of which six are formally recognized. They are almandine, andradite, grossular, pyrope, spessartite and uvarovite. Some of the popular sub varieties include demantoid, hessonite, rhodolite and tsavorite. The list goes on which necessitates that you gain an idea before venturing into buying garnet gemstones.

Aspects To Consider While Buying Garnet
Cut: While purchasing a gemstone, it is imperative to assess the cut of the gemstone. A cut could make a gemstone special or ruin its beauty altogether. A perfect cut could enhance the brilliance of the gemstone. Garnets are hard and allow various designs including round, oval, cushion, pear and emerald.

Clarity: Clarity is another important factor to be considered while buying gemstone. Most of the garnets do not have inclusions. Flawless garnets are considered valuable but demantoid garnets stand out of this rule. Demantoid could have inclusions and they are considered more valuable for the inclusions.

Carat: Carats are considered while determining the price of garnet gemstones. Garnets up to 10 carats are commonly found. While higher carat weight could cost you more, you will find that color plays the deciding role.

Color: Color of garnet gemstones play an important role in determining their price. Color changing garnets are rare and hence they cost more. These color changing garnets change color according to the source of light and hence they are unique and attractive. Green garnet gemstones are valued higher.

Budget: One of the most important things that rules your decision is your budget. Now that you have an idea of what to look for in a garnet, having a budget will help you narrow in on your search. While pyrope could be said as the most affordable garnet in red, green color garnet demantoid is rare and expensive.

Reputation Of The Jeweler: Garnet types are many and varied. Hence, to identify the right one and differentiate the real from the fake, an in depth knowledge is required. Even to the sharpest of minds, it might pose some challenge. Hence, it would be best to leave it to a professional and a trusted person at that. Seek the jeweler who has a reputation in the field to make your purchase. While you may be impressed by the looks of a particular garnet type, your jeweler will be able to give you an insight into the significance of the gemstone.   

Garnet gemstones have various qualities associated with them. They are considered protection for travelers. The gemstone stands for courage, love, faith and truth. These qualities make the gemstone dearer and hence it would be prudent to use the best resources to make the right purchase.