Emerald – The Story Of The Fascinating Gemstone

None of the man made wonders matches the exquisite beauty of emerald, the gift of nature. No artist has produced the shade that outshines emerald. Not even the best of artworks surpasses the brilliance of the naturally beautiful gemstone. There is not a machine on world that produces a gemstone that could send emerald into insignificance. Such is the beauty of the gorgeous emerald gemstone, which has been celebrated for centuries.

Origin Of Emerald
Emerald is a form of beryl. While beryl is a common mineral, beryllium, an element in beryl, is rare. Emeralds form under metamorphic conditions in pegmatite deposits and hydrothermal veins. Major sources of emeralds are found in hydrothermal mines. They are found in alluvial deposits as well. Emeralds are mostly found in deep green color. However, there are light green colored emeralds and some have yellow tinge in the gemstone. Emerald gemstones are over millions of years old and there are evidences of the gemstone being used 6000 years back. 

Sources Of Emerald
Emeralds are found in various parts of the world. Zimbabwe emeralds are among the ancient gemstones found in the world. The major producer of emerald is Colombia. Other countries that contribute emeralds to the world include Zambia, Brazil, United States, Afghanistan, Russia, Pakistan, China, Tanzania and Nigeria. Though found in various parts of the world, emeralds from Columbia are the most famous types for their vibrant color.

Stories About Emerald
Emerald derives its name from Persian word, which was translated as ‘Smaragdus’ in Latin. The gemstone has a very ancient history. Been used for over millions of years, the gorgeous gemstone was mentioned in many ancient works. It was traded in 4000 BC in Babylon. Emerald was mentioned in Aristotle’s work, which until today is considered the earliest literary source that talks about the gemstone. There are many beliefs that center on the influences the gemstone has in the life and style of the wearer. It was considered to add value to body as well as the speech if worn. The color of the gemstone was supposed to possess the effect to calm the mind. This was the reason why Nero, the Roman emperor used large and transparent emerald to watch gladiator fights.

Properties Associated With Emerald
Cultures across various lands had various beliefs attached to this gemstone.
•    Ancient Egyptians considered emerald a gemstone for enhancing fertility, preventing miscarriages and for rebirth.
•    Emerald is associated with various properties. It was believed to have curative properties and that it could guard against dreaded poison.
•    Aristotle had referred to this stone as a cure for epilepsy. It is believed to heal problems related to stomach and sleeping disorders.
•    One of the most popular beliefs is that emerald bestows on the wearer magical powers. These magical powers were considered to protect the wearer of emerald against evils. The stone increased their magical powers and made the wearer clairvoyant. Apart from relaxing the eyes, the stone was considered to strengthen one’s mental vision as well.

The meaning of Emerald gemstone and its association with various powers were so irresistible that famous personalities of the past and the present adore this gorgeous gemstone. Jewelry made of emerald is popular and wearing emerald has been in practice since ancient times. Just as the gemstone is timeless, so is its beauty.