Edwardian Engagement Rings

Edwardian Engagement Ring

Fashion lovers fondly recall the Edwardian era, as fashion was among the predominant values in the society at that time. The influences of European countries were evident in the styles people followed during this period. Jewelry fashion reached new heights during the Edwardian era though the trendsetter was the Victorian era. Edwardian jewelry has a magical spell with diamond and platinum being the most popular stones used in the making of jewelry. An Edwardian engagement ring is a fine specimen showcasing the intricate designs involved in jewelry making.

Edwardian Engagement Rings – A Brief History

These rings became popular during King Edward the Seventh’s rule. Influenced by tradition and reflecting romance and social status, the rings were the most sought after pieces of jewelry during the Edwardian era. Emanating exuberance, the classic rings mostly had imageries of flowers, hearts, vines and birds. Filigree patterns were the most commonly used styles in the making of rings. Amongst the popular metals during this period, a yellow gold ring was considered the rarest of the engagement rings of the era.

The Magic Of Edwardian Engagement Rings

Strong resemblance to traditional styles and intricate designs are the hallmarks of the Edwardian engagement rings. Detailed lattice pattern designs in the rings make them very attractive. And because these rings were very delicately designed were not worn with other rings. However, the trend has changed now, as modern Edwardian rings are designed to compliment other rings that are worn with them.

Platinum was more commonly used in the making of Edwardian engagement rings in the past. Sapphires were preferred over diamonds as main gemstone and diamonds were side stones. Engagement rings with platinum were a fashion statement during Edwardian era. It was owing to its density that made intricate designs possible in engagement rings.

Uniqueness of Edwardian Engagement Rings

It is obvious that the most special feature of Edwardian engagement rings is the intricate patterns. The modern cuts of diamonds are basically classified as brilliant cut, step cut and mixed cut. The antique rings of Edwardian period had mine cut, which is popularly referred to as European cut. Modern cutters choose from the current styles and the choice of cut depends on the type of diamond.

The impact of Edwardian era, which was from 1901 to 1915, can still be felt in the jewelry. The jewelry reflected femininity and platinum was used to make sophisticated designs. With the invention of the oxyacetylene torch, jewelry makers created awe-inspiring patterns.


Popular Styles Of Edwardian Engagement Rings

Edwardian engagement rings offer you a wide range of choice. The styles are unique and you can customize them the way you like. Here are some popular styles favored by most.

Platinum Aquamarine Edwardian Engagement Ring

The full-cut diamonds and brilliant aquamarine add beauty to the lovely engagement ring. With amazing clarity and stunning color, the ring is a winner all the way.

Round Diamond Edwardian Vintage Ribbon Design

This classic design commands your attention. The ribbon design in itself is elegant and the diamonds on either side add a stunning appeal to the engagement ring. It is an undisputable choice for the day of your life.

Edwardian Platinum Engagement Ring

This is a classic example of detailed designs. The intricate designs of flowers and leaves keep you spellbound. The big round diamond at the center and the small diamonds in the designs make the ring rank amongst the top.

Round Diamond White Gold Vintage Edwardian Design

An excellent choice if you love details in your jewelry. The hand engraved ring is beyond description with four diamonds on either side of the ring. The fabulous design is incomparable.

Edwardian Crown Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The design highlights the royal touch to the ring. The vintage design gives you endless possibilities in arranging the diamonds be it on the center or around.

Facts To Consider While Buying Edwardian Engagement Rings

Here are a few quick pointers for you to consider if you were looking to buy this fabulous engagement ring.

  • Since the two major components involved in the making of Edwardian engagement rings are diamond and gold, you need to have a clear idea on the budget. The costlier the metal and gemstone, higher is the price.
  • These rings are famous for their intricate designs and styles. If you are going on a tight budget, choose simpler designs. However, with Edwardian rings, even the simplest of designs are gorgeous.
  • Before making your purchase, you need to do some thorough research on the product. Being antique, they are priced higher and hence, you need to confirm the genuinity of the ring. Look for details in the rings.
  • Learn about the seller. The investment involved is higher and the occasion is greater. You would not want a fake on your finger. Make your purchase from a seller of repute. The best suggestion would be to go for antique shops.
  • If your Edwardian engagement ring is studded with diamonds, you need to consider the four Cs, which is the basic rule before you buy diamond. The cut, clarity, color and carats help to determine if the price you are charged with is reasonable or not.
  • If the original Edwardian engagement ring does not fit your budget, you can have it customized to suit your needs and your wallet. However, you must ensure that the woman of your dreams loves the customized one too. 
  • While buying the engagement ring, choose your gemstone for the ring before you select the settings. This would ensure that the setting highlights the qualities of the gemstone.
  • No matter how much you may want to surprise your partner, it is not advisable to make a purchase without the finger size. You need to have the accurate size to buy the right fit. It would do well to remember that not all settings allow resizing.

Make It Special For The Special Woman

By opting for the Edwardian engagement ring, you are definitely in the right direction. The designs are influentially feminine and the patterns are stunning. The occasion being special, you cannot afford to overlook even the minutest of details. With sufficient knowledge on the ring, you’ll know if you have won the deal. To win over the woman of your life, this isn’t asking for too much, I presume.