Different Types of Jewelry Made Using Coral

Coral, the magical gemstone is a gift from the sea. Corals are believed to exist on earth for over 570 million years. Though corals look like rocks, they are not. Coral, known as polyp, is a marine creature, which is small. A coral supports various species on sea, which include sea anemones, hydroids, tiny algae and jellyfish. Many individual polyps help in the formation of coral reefs. Each polyp constructs a strong shield to protect self. This shield is connected to various polyps around it. Formation of polyps in groups is called a coral colony.

Corals have long been used in the making of jewelry as they were considered to possess various properties that helped mankind to protect self from health hazards and natural calamities.  The practice of wearing corals has been in vogue since prehistoric period. Various cultures across the world have been using coral jewelry and coral has been associated with their traditions and beliefs. Coral jewelry is ancient yet fashionable. Hence, it is widely used by the jewelry industry in the making of different kinds of jewelry. Let us look at some of the most popular types of coral jewelry.

1) Coral Rings
Coral ring is the most popular type of jewelry made of corals. Both men and women could wear coral rings. Hence, it makes a perfect choice for a couple if they plan to exchange gifts on a special day. Men go for bigger sized corals while women wear both small sized and large sized corals. There are many colors available in coral rings though red color coral rings are very popular.

2) Coral Necklaces
Coral necklaces are irresistible for their exquisite beauty. Necklaces made of coral gemstones come in various designs and colors. These necklaces come in varying lengths. You could go for collar types or long necklaces. While long chains beaded with coral gemstones are unique, short and twisted strands are great. You need to base your choice of length based on the size of your neck and your body frame. Lightweight corals are also used in the making of coral necklaces.

3) Coral Bracelets
Coral bracelets are vibrant and they make your fashion statement complete. Coral bracelet designs are stunning. Stretch bracelets and wrap bracelets in coral are very popular. Whatever the design, red colored coral bracelets are the most alluring. Bracelets with small corals are great to wear while coral gemstones can be mixed and matched with other gemstones in the making of bracelets. There are adjustable types of coral bracelets too but it would be better if you measure your wrist size before you buy the bracelet.

4) Coral Earrings
Coral earrings are a great way to enhance your appearance. The designs in coral earrings are so intricately carved that one could not help but appreciate it. Coral earrings come in a wide range of types including studs and drops. They are available in various shapes that are unique and attractive. While buying coral earrings, make a perfect choice to match your face. Long coral earrings will go well with round face and for oblong face, the best fit would be big coral earrings. Stud earrings enhance the looks of square shaped face.  

Coral jewelry goes well with all types of outfit and they suit all occasions. They are available in various colors, shapes and designs and hence you are never left without choice when it comes to buying coral jewelry. Whether you want to highlight your professional look or you would love to promote a friendly appearance, coral jewelry is game.