Different Jewelry Ornaments Made Using Pearls

Pearls are one among the most adored gemstones for their purity and have been cherished for ages for their quality and luster. These natural treasures are exceptionally popular and have been used in the making of a wide range of jewelry. They come in a plethora of colors and shapes and are stunningly appealing. While shopping for pearl jewelry could be interesting, the wide range of pearls might be mind boggling as well. Coming from various sources as they grow in different conditions, these pearls vary in shape, size and color. The type of mollusk plays a major role in the final product.

Pearls are broadly classified as natural pearls and cultured pearls. While natural pearls form on their own on the intrusion of a foreign object into the mollusk, cultured pearls are aided by human by injecting a nucleus or a foreign body into the mollusk. While both these types of pearls are used in jewelry making, we find more of cultured pearls as natural pearls are rare. Akoya pearls are the most traditional types of pearls used in jewelry making. They are available in white, silver and cream colors. Let us have a look at some of the jewelry ornaments made using pearls.

Pearl Necklaces
Pearl necklaces are available in various styles. Bib design is the most basic design in pearl necklaces. Consisting of several strands, this is available in varying lengths. Another popular type of yesteryears, which has returned to become current fashion is the collar styled necklaces. These are worn close to your neck. Pearl necklaces, which are lengthier and worn lower, are choker types. Apart from these styles, we also find various other popular types of pearl necklaces such as Opera, Princess, Matinee and many more.

Pearl Bracelets
Bracelets are among the most loved jewelry. Though we find a wide range of bracelets, pearl bracelets have a unique appeal. Since the pearls are available in various sizes, you can opt for smaller sized or larger sized pearls. Pearl bracelets with small sized pearls can be worn with any outfit and for any occasion. Large sized pearls in pearl bracelets create an air of authority around you and they may suit special occasions only.

Pearl Rings
Pearl rings are great for any outfit and you can find a variety of them to suit every occasion. The larger sized pearls in pearl rings are great as engagement rings. They also make a great gift. It can be worn regularly and hence pearl rings will be a stunning, beautiful yet silent reminder of the romantic moments in your life. You could go for smaller sized pearl rings too.

Pearl Earrings
Pearl earrings give a classic touch to your appearance. They are a blend of ancient and modern look and they make a perfect choice for any occasion. For a casual outing with a simple outfit on, you could find in pearl earrings the perfect choice. As the pearls are in various sizes, you may make your choice based on the occasion and outfit. Be it for a casual day out or a formal meeting, pearl earrings pair with you perfectly.

Pearl Pendants
Pearl pendants are very popular in the fashion world and they never go out of trend. They are simple, elegant and unique. While choosing the size of the pearl pendant, it would be wise to opt for the size that will let the pendant be placed closer to the collarbone. This helps to reveal the beauty of the pendant.

While buying pearl jewelry it is advisable to check for pearl matching. The process of pearl matching involves checking if all the pearls in the jewelry match in size, roundness, smoothness, luster and color to ensure that your jewelry is worth the purchase.