Different Jewelry Ornaments Made Using Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin phrase ‘aqua marinus’, which means ‘water of the sea’. The brilliant gemstone is found in various parts of the world. The shades of aquamarines vary from light blue to deep blue and greenish blue color. Its various color ranges resemble the color of ocean and hence it is called water of the sea. A Beryl family member, aquamarine, has some of the precious stones belonging to its family out of which, emerald is the most famous. Other gemstones of Beryl variety include heliodor. Golden Beryl, Green Beryl, Orange Beryl, Red Beryl, Peach Beryl, goshenite and morganite. Making jewelry out of aquamarine delights the designers thanks to its hardness and brilliance. Here are some of the types of jewelry made of the precious stone.

Aquamarine Rings
Aquamarine rings are stunningly beautiful and they make great engagement rings. The belief associated with aquamarine is that it protects sailors while on sea travel and it has the ability to calm one’s mind and enhance wisdom. While being engaged, the man and woman hope for a life full of love and want to feel secured with the belief that the affection for each would be eternal. Since the gemstone is durable, it could be worn regularly.

Aquamarine Earrings
Aquamarine earrings are breathtaking and they are available in various styles and designs. Jewelry designers go creative with aquamarine as they produce some of the best designs in these gemstones. Some of the famous styles include aquamarine studs, drops, dangles, knots and lever back earrings. Elaborate designs or simple designs, you will find your needs fulfilled in aquamarine earrings.

Aquamarine Bracelets
Aquamarine bracelets offer you plenty of options in terms of styles and colors. Being a stylish gemstone, it looks great as a bracelet. You could opt for aquamarine beaded bracelets or a single stylish aquamarine gemstone set on gold or silver bracelet. You could have them as a single stranded bracelet or go for two or three strands. Out and out aquamarine beads or a mix and match with other gemstones will give your bracelet the stunning effect you have been craving for. Since these bracelets are scratch resistant, you could wear them regularly.

Aquamarine Necklace And Pendants
Aquamarine necklaces are absolutely exquisite. You could have aquamarine pendant on a beautiful gold or silver necklace, which would add beauty to the necklace. Aquamarine pendants come in various styles. Right from the basic style, you will find plenty of designs in aquamarine pendants including curls, swirls, heart-shaped pendants and spiritual pendants. Aquamarine wisdom pendant is used during meditation.

Aquamarine Bangles
Your wardrobe collection is never complete without aquamarine bangles. Aquamarine gemstones can be embedded on a golden bangle with the gemstones playing a dominant role. Alternately, you could have a gorgeous wide golden bangle with small aquamarine gemstones set on it. You could customize it to have your own designs and make your aquamarine bangle unique and awe inspiring.

Whatever type of aquamarine jewelry you plan to acquire, you are sure to have a wide range to choose from. Aquamarine gives the space to get creative and produce the effects you would love to have on your jewelry.