Different Jewelry Ornaments Made Using Amber

The fossilized resin from million year old trees is called amber. Amber is beautiful just like everything that is natural is beautiful. Various healing properties, both physical and psychic are associated with amber and hence they have been used as jewelry since prehistoric ages. Its healing property to cure pain and create harmony was the reason behind it being favored in the past as jewelry. Its aesthetic beauty and its message that throws light on the evolution of life on earth are some of the important reasons for amber jewelry being favored in the modern times. It inspires, cures and educates and what more would one expect of a jewelry. Amber jewelry could be termed as the best gemstone of all.

Considered earlier as the jewelry for the rich and the elite section of society, amber now has become more reachable to the cross sections of the society. Amber is versatile and so is the jewel made of amber. Let us take a quick view on the types of jewelries made of amber. 

1) Amber Teething Necklaces
Amber teething necklaces are useful for infants who are cutting teeth. Cutting of teeth could be painful to infants and hence making them wear amber teething necklaces could soothe their pain. The healing oils absorbed by the skin on wearing amber teething necklaces help to relieve the wearer from discomfort and calm the mind. Some of the properties associated with amber teething necklaces include enhancement of immunity, anti-inflammatory and natural analgesic.

2) Amber Healing Bracelets
It is a well-established fact that amber has medicinal properties. Wearing amber healing bracelets will help to address health conditions related to abdomen, kidney, liver, bladder and eyes. It helps to hasten the healing process by boosting immunity. Amber bracelet suits all age groups as it helps in conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism and joint pains. The mental tensions are addressed as well by amber healing bracelets. You could make your selection from the various options available in amber bracelets in terms of style, design and color.

3) Amber Rings
Amber rings are becoming more popular and more sought after jewelry these days. They have become an automatic choice when one looks to buy wedding jewelry. They are very attractive and make a great present to loved ones. This gemstone, which is ancient and has a great history, has been used for over millions of years. You could choose the setting you want to make it more elegant. Solid amber rings are made of only amber and Baltic amber is used in the making of these types of rings. Another popular type of ring is 925 sterling silver rings, which are made of pure silver. Solid amber rings are unique and you can customize them based on the occasion and the usage. Wedding rings, friendship rings and promise rings are made of amber. They go well with all types of outfit be it conventional or modern. They could enhance the richness of the looks or they could look stunningly simple. 

4) Amber Earrings
Yet another jewelry that is made of amber is earring. Amber earrings go well with every occasion and every person regardless of age. Solid amber rings are made of amber and they are available in many colors including amber, cherry, yellow, green, white and so on. You will find the collections include beaded amber earrings and splinter earrings made of amber. You can go for all amber or you could choose a setting to befit the occasion. All amber earrings are elegant and if you have amber studded in gold or any other antique metal, you enhance the rich appeal.

5) Amber Pendants
Amber pendants are mostly made of Baltic amber. Amber has become close to heart for jewelry lovers thanks to the exclusive looks and the history attached to it. Baltic amber pendants are made in different colors. You could choose any type of metal setting for amber pendant as every metal will go well with amber and every amber pendant will enhance your looks regardless of the attire.

The most important specialty of amber is the history attached to it. Having healing properties is an added advantage. Amber jewels are stunning and when clubbed with their specialty, they contend for the top place convincingly.