Different Colors of Amber Gemstones

Everything about amber is amazing, be it the history of amber or its color or quality. Amber is unique and exclusive. When you think of the fossilized resin, the immediate image that crosses the mind is the amber in yellow color. However, amber is available in many colors and the available statistics claim that amber is found in over 250 shades. Some amber change color when placed under certain lights. Of all the available colors, yellow is the most common color in which you will find amber.

Yellow Amber
Yellow amber makes up to 70% of amber available all over the world. Yellow amber is found in various regions across the world. Originally found in the Baltic Sea region, yellow amber is known for its quality. The small gas bubbles in thousands were formed when the resin evaporated. These gas bubbles diffract light to form yellow color.

Transparent Amber
Transparent amber is found with a shade of yellow. Only around 10% of amber is transparent and they are mostly small sized. Transparent amber gems that are big are rare and hence considered very valuable. The resin of the trees that exuded in a shady place evaporated slowly thus preventing the resin getting turbid. The inclusions in transparent amber are clearly visible and hence they make an interesting gem. Insects and plants are the common types of inclusions and occasionally, transparent amber contains small animals like lizards and snails engulfed in the fossil.

Blue Amber
Blue amber is the rarest of all and it is regarded as highly valuable. Blue amber is different from the blue amber found in Dominic region. Dominican amber is not in blue color but when light is reflected on it, the amber acquires a bluish tint. In the ancient times, it was believed that blue was helpful in receiving the blessings of gods and hence it was worn by the priests.  

Red Amber
Red amber is the second rarest amber. While natural red is very rare, shades of red ranging from orange color to dark red color are found though in lesser numbers. When the amber remained in the air for a prolonged period, it acquired red color.

Green Amber
Green amber is beautiful and rare. The resin acquires green shade when it falls on the plants and reacts with the chlorophyll present in plants. Some of the best green amber gems are found in Dominican Republic. While dark green amber is expensive, lighter shades of green amber gems are less expensive.

White Amber
White amber is also a rare type. White amber is also known as bony amber or royal amber. When the evaporation of resin is intense, resin looks like foam. White amber has more micro-bubbles and the more a white amber has the whiter it looks. White amber was used in ancient days to produce medicines to address heart conditions.

Black Amber
Black amber is available in great numbers. It could not be classified as a pure fossilized resin as it might contain only up to 15% of resin. The resin is mixed up with the remnants of the bark of the tree and other plant matter. With little amount of resin and more of impurities, black amber is fragile. Black amber was used in the ancient days by priests who wanted to safeguard against the attacks of enemies.

Whatever the color, amber holds attraction. Every color is unique in its own way and amber looks attractive in all colors and all forms.