Carnelian Gemstone In The Making Of Jewelry

Carnelian gemstone, also called cornelian, has various qualities that attract the world of jewelry. This beautiful gemstone, which was once held high for the qualities associated with it, is now placed amongst semi-precious stones. It is owing to the fact that this gemstone is available in great numbers across the world. While its ranking might have been lowered, it holds its position as a fascinating gemstone used in the making of various types of jewelry. The gemstone is from the family of quartz, which is ranked second in the list of most abundant minerals on earth. The gemstone has been used since ages and it was believed that the gemstone had the quality to boost the energy and enhance skills required to succeed in life. These qualities along with its appearance make the gemstone dear to jewelry designers and users. Here are some of the most popular types of jewelry made of carnelian gemstone.

Captivating Carnelian Rings
Carnelian rings were the favorites of the royal families of Europe. The richness of the gemstone makes the ring unique. Carnelian rings are available in various designs. The gemstone allows intricate designs and hence they look stunning on all types of rings and in all sizes. As carnelian relieves the wearer off depression and negative thoughts, it is a great choice as a ring. Moreover, it calms the mind and enhances creativity. Hence, wearing carnelian ring would be ideal for both men and women.

Carnelian Earrings – Easily The Best For Profession Or Party
Earrings are among the most favored accessories. They add style and personality. They could reflect the mood and they could make a fashion statement. Wearing earrings made of carnelian adds to your advantage. The alluring gemstone radiates in all types of jewelry. They go well with any metal you could think of and they allow space for customization. You could go for carnelian studs if you want to wear a professional look or go for carnelian dangle earrings if you want to party. While choosing the style just ensure that it matches the shape of your face.

Carnelian Bracelets Command Attention
The colors of carnelian gemstone be it the deep red or reddish orange make the gemstone attractive in bracelets. The practice of wearing bracelets has been prevalent for centuries. Since the prehistoric times, people had been wearing bracelets. Mostly the reason was their belief in acquiring a sense of protection. Since carnelian gemstone is believed to protect from evils and enhance self-confidence, it makes a perfect fit as a bracelet. 

Charming Styles In Carnelian Necklaces
Carnelian necklaces have been worn since ancient ages. Considered as an energy booster, the necklace was once worn only by royal families. Since carnelian gemstones were considered to promote love, stimulate creativity, develop organizing skills and various qualities required to be a leader, these gemstones were seen on the royal jewelry. Egyptians believed that this gemstone aided in smooth traveling after death when the soul departs to find a new form. A mummy of a small girl was seen with carnelian necklace on. This shows that carnelian necklaces were considered powerful since ancient times. Carnelian gemstones are so versatile that they adapt to all types of necklace designs. Chokers, long chain or any other type of necklace looks great with carnelian gemstones embedded in them. 

The ancient carnelian gemstones are so stunningly adaptable that they address the requirements of the modern world. Your wardrobe can never be complete without carnelian gemstones. They are not attached the status of just jewelry; their qualities enhance their status as a necessary accessory to promote one’s thought and action.