Capricorn – Gemstones Based on Sun-Sign (Zodiac Sign)

Within the chart from the natives born intoxicated by the Ascendant Capricon, Sun may be the Lord from the Eighth house. The Ascendant Lord being Saturn, Sun and Saturn are mutually inimical. Hence the native from the Ascendant should not wear ruby.

Within the Ascendant Capricorn, Moon may be the death-inflicting as it’s the Lord from the Seventh house. Because it is also inimical towards the Ascendant Lord Saturn, therefore, wearing pearl will be injurious towards the natives.

Within the Ascendant Capricorn chart, Mars may be the Lord of your fourth and also the Eleventh houses. However, throughout the major amount of Mars when the natives wear Coral they’re blessed using the happiness from mother, gain landed property, house, vehicle and finance.

For that Ascendant Capricorn Mercury may be the Lord from the Sixth and also the Eighth houses. Within the Ninth triangle exists its principal zodiac sign. Our planet is recognized as auspicious for that natives. Mercury can also be in friendly commune with Saturn. Hence the emerald ought to always be worn in conjunction with blue-sapphire, especially throughout the major amount of Mercury.

Within the Ascendant Capricorn Jupiter may be the Lord from the Third and also the Eleventh houses and therefore is extremely auspicious planet for that natives. Hence the natives do not need to wear any yellow sapphire.

For that Ascendant Capricorn born natives, Venus is posited within the chart generally within the Fifth and also the Tenth houses. The existence, therefore, is recognized as highly auspicious along with a Significator. Diamonds should be worn through the natives throughout the major amount of Venus, if at all possible in conjunction with blue sapphire for any synergy.

The natives with Ascendant Capricorn have within the chart Saturn since the Ascendant Lord as well as from the wealth house. Hence the natives must always wear blue sapphire.