Cancer – Gemstones Based on Sun-Sign (Zodiac Sign)

For that native born under Ascendant Cancer the Moon may be the Lord. The natives should put pearl on person throughout their lifetime. Additionally, it protects their health insurance and lifeline, from economic crisis, ensures piety in character, purity in habits, politeness in behaviour since the pearl may be the gem of lifetime of the natives. For that natives such conditions Mars may be the Lord from the Fifth and Tenth houses, and ensures good effects. If worn always on person, the gem ensures familial happiness, intelligence, rise fortunate, fame and social esteem, favour from the powerful. If worn in conjunction with Coral, then your benefits are doubly ensured. Specifically for the ladies natives, the gem ought to be worn throughout the major period from the Mars.

If within the chart the Mercury is unfavourable and it is the Lord within the Third and also the Twelfth houses, then native native should wear the emerald.

If within the chart Jupiter may be the Lord within the Sixth and also the Ninth houses or even the Lord within the Ninth triangle then your Ascendant is recognized as blissful. The natives should wear yellow sapphire to ensure that familial happiness, intelligence, luck, happiness from father, theism and wealth line are boosted. This apart, in this condition the native gets social esteem and status, and when the yellow sapphire is worn in conjunction with pearl or coral then your benefits are doubly ensured.

When the Venus may be the Lord within the Fourth and Eleventh houses, it becomes unfavourable. This apart, such conditions the Lord from the Ascendant Moon and Venus aren’t in friendly commune. However, even then they’re valuable in your fourth and Eleventh houses within the chart, to make sure great results if diamond is worn throughout the major period from the Venus.

When the Saturn is incorporated in the Seventh (that is death inflicting) and Eighth (Misery inflicting) houses and therefore are Lords there they’re considered ominous planets. Saturn can also be friendly towards the Ascendant Lord. Hence the native of the Ascendant must never wear blue sapphire.