Blue Sapphire In Various Types Of Jewelry

Blue sapphire is a fascinating gemstone of corundum variety. Another famous gemstone that hails from the same family is ruby. Sapphires are found in metamorphic rocks, alluvial deposits and igneous rocks. They are available in various parts of the world. However, the gemstone in the most desirable blue color is very rare. Apart from blue, sapphires are available in various other colors including white, green, yellow and brown. The places where they are found include Kashmir, Srilanka, Burma, Brazil, Thailand and China. Sapphires are used in the making of various types of jewelry. Sapphires enhance the beauty of jewelry and these gemstones were the instant choice of many celebrities for special occasions.

Sapphire Rings
Sapphire rings are enchanting, expressive and exclusive. Sapphires are considered to be associated with wisdom, loyalty and faith. Hence, they are greatly favored as engagement rings as a symbol of lifetime commitment. These fabulous and durable rings present a beautiful alternative to diamond rings. Against a diamond setting, sapphire rings look the best. Princess Diana, the most photographed woman during her life, chose a sapphire ring for her engagement. A woman famous for her beauty and the ability to project herself excellently well to her advantage in front of flash bulbs had chosen a sapphire ring and this highlights the beauty of the ring.

Sapphire Earrings
Sapphire earrings are a perfect fit for every outfit. There are a number of styles available in sapphire earrings and every style is unique. The styles of sapphire earrings include stud earrings, drops, dangles, knots and lever back earrings. You could make your fashion statement with these stunningly designed earrings. You could opt for a simple design or present yourself gorgeously with a dazzling design.

Sapphire Necklace And Pendants
The alluring sapphire necklace is a head turner. The rich blue colored sapphire necklace is so captivating that you would not go for an alternative. Sapphire necklaces in all types be it antique style or modern will look exquisite. Diamond and sapphire necklace look gorgeous and sapphire pendants enhance the beauty of the necklace. For every style of necklace you would design, sapphire would blend wonderfully well to produce the effect.

Sapphire Bangles
If sapphire bangles fail to allure you, nothing could win you over. Sapphire gemstones in bangles of old and diamond make a perfect combination. You could have a thin bangle or go for a thick sized sapphire bangle. You could present yourself in a perfect style with the right type of sapphire bangles on. You may opt for a thin sized bangle if you are out for a professional meeting or go for thick sized bangle if you are partying. These sapphire bangles allow you to get creative and represent your mood in style.

Sapphire Bracelets
Royal color and intricate designs are the specialty of sapphire bracelets. The bracelets are available in various styles. You could find conventional styles as well as contemporary designs. Blue sapphire bracelets in a wide range of patterns offer the most fashionable appeal. 

Blue sapphires are amongst the most sought after gemstones for making jewelry. The fascinating gemstone stimulates creativity and with the qualities attached to this gemstone, it is no wonder that it remains in the list of all time favorites.