Best Blue Sapphires Of The World

Blue sapphires are ranked amongst the most precious gemstones of the world. Used since ancient times, blue sapphires are fascinating not only for their splendid color but also for the qualities they represent. They were considered to protect, bring prosperity and cure the wearer of negative thoughts. The blue variety of corundum was known to be in use as back as 800 BC. They are found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. This stunning blue color gemstone is available in other colors including white, yellow, brown, pink, green, purple and orange.

Sapphires, which are only second to diamond in hardness, are found in various parts of the world. Some of the best sapphire gemstones are found in Kashmir. The countries were sapphire gemstones are found include Srilanka, Burma, China, Colombia, Brazil, Nepal, Thailand, Rwanda, Australia, Nigeria and Pakistan. Gemstones found in various parts of the world have certain specialties and let us look into some of the world famous sapphires.

Golconda Star Sapphire
Golconda star sapphire is amongst the most beautiful sapphires the world has ever seen. The stone was believed to belong to Sultan Abdul Hossein Qutub Shah who was Golconda’s king during 1672 to 1687. There is however no substantial evidence to prove this. However, as far as the gemstone is concerned, there is no question about its unparalleled beauty.

Star Of India Sapphire
Star of India sapphire owns the credit of being the largest sapphire in the world weighing 563.35 carat. This sapphire was said to have been mined in Srilanka. It is now on display in New York’s American Museum of Natural History. It was donated to the museum by J.P. Morgan.

Peter The Great’s Nose Sapphire
Peter The Great’s Nose sapphire is the second largest in the world weighing 547 carat. It is on display in Green Vault in Germany. The gemstone was given to Augustus the Strong by Peter the First in the year 1698.

Queen Marie Of Romania’s Sapphire
This 478-carat gemstone was displayed at autumn show by Cartier in the year 1919. It was later purchased by Romanian King Ferdinand for his Queen Marie. This is the third largest gemstone in the world after cabochon Star of India sapphire and Peter the Great’s Nose sapphire.

Logan Sapphire
Logan sapphire from Srilanka weighs 423 carats and it is considered the heaviest mounted gemstone in National Gem Collection. Mrs. John A. Logan presented this gemstone to Smithsonian Institute in the year 1960. The sapphire is placed between twenty diamonds and it could be called a masterpiece.

Catherine The Great’s Sapphire
At 337-carat weight, Catherine the Great’s sapphire is amongst the largest sapphires in the world. It was named after its owner Catherine the Great, who was a famous ruler of Romanov dynasty. It was presented to the princess of German origin. This gemstone was later purchased by Harry Winston, famous jeweler from New York towards the end of 1940s. The gemstone was included in the jeweler’s ‘Court of Jewels’ and it toured Unites States from the year 1949 to 1953. 

Sapphires from various parts of the world are unique. Kashmir sapphires were considered the best specimen, but the mines in Kashmir have been inoperative for over 50 years. Ceylon sapphires and Burmese sapphires are of superior quality but none could beat the stunning cornflower blue sapphires of Kashmir.