Art Deco Engagement Rings

Art Deco Engagement Ring

Are you looking for an engagement ring to say it in style? It is one of the best moments in your life and you definitely want to make it memorable by choosing a unique and gorgeous engagement ring. Considering the endless choices available in the market, you may conclude that selecting an engagement ring can indeed be a tough task. One look at art deco engagement rings and you will decide that choosing an engagement ring is not a difficult task after all.

What Are Art Deco Engagement Rings?

Art deco refers to the period between 1925 and 1939 which was influential in introducing fresh ideas in various fields including architecture, textiles and furniture and of course jewelry. The styles introduced during the era are so excellent that they never fail to enthrall you. Using geometric shapes and symmetry were common during this period. Art deco rings reflect the influences of the period with their stones in geometric shapes and symmetrical designs. The rings are antique, but they also blend with contemporary designs and thus produce styles that match the fashion needs of the current world. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds were the most popular stones used in the setting of these rings. Intricate filigree designs make these rings a cut above the rest.

In the past, hand engraved inscriptions were seen on the rings, the ring shank bore inscriptions, which were usually the engagement date or the birth date of the owner of the ring.

Uniqueness of Art Deco Engagement Ring

The designs of art deco engagement rings include Geometric, Oriental and Egyptian. You will be awe inspired by the shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and rectangles blend in to add beauty to the designs.

The strong colors are the specialty of these rings. With stunning color contrast, the rings stand out to prove that they are more than the money’s worth. Art deco engagement rings are mostly found in white gold and yellow gold. Platinum is yet another popular choice.

Art deco engagement rings are bigger in size than most of the standard rings owing to the filigree work. Since the rings represent an era, their uniqueness increases multifold and so does their worth.

The settings need a special mention. Gemstones cut in emerald; princess and baguette accentuate the beauty of the ring (types of diamond cuts). While diamonds are the most favorite choice for center stone, other stones are often used and include quartz and pearls.

Facts to Consider While Buying An Art Deco Engagement Ring

  • The most attractive feature of art deco engagement rings is its antiquity. Hence, while making your purchase you must ensure that you do not pay for a fake. You may want to check the cut of the diamonds. Antique rings diamonds were cut in ancient European style. Fake rings have more modern, round cut diamonds.
  • It would be best to make your purchase from a seller of repute and one who has knowledge in what he deals. You need to have the information related to the ring to make sure that you are not buying vintage art deco engagement rings, which belong to the period after 1970.
  • Original art deco engagement rings are expensive unlike the vintage rings. The investment is heavy but the results are stunning. If you find that antique rings are on the outer limit of your budget, you may customize your ring by designing it in the shapes of art deco engagement rings and make a mix and match with stones that look amazing without pinching your pocket much.

Say It in Style; Say It with Grace

Certain moments in life are worth the best treatment, even if it means that you need to dig deep into your pocket. A few hundred dollars more may hit your wallet hard but the music these rings bring to your ears is beyond comparison. It is for the woman who is going to be a part of your life forever and you would not hesitate to give her the best gift on the engagement day, right?