Aquarius – Gemstones Based on Sun-Sign (Zodiac Sign)

Ascendant Aquarius is within the toxic house, so that as Sun is death-inflicting hence it’s also inimical towards the Ascendant Lord. The natives, therefore, shouldn’t wear ruby whatsoever.The Moon is posited within the above chart within the sixth house and it is the Lord there, is also inimical towards the Ascendant Lord Saturn. Hence the natives must never wear pearl too.

Within the chart Mars is posited within the Third and Tenth house and it is the Lord there. If Mars can be found in the Domal dignity or perhaps in its quarter, then throughout the major time period of Mars, the natives may wear coral and that could ensure them favour from the powerful or even the king and promotion from the business.

For that Ascendant Aquarius, Mercury is posited within the Fifth triangle and within the Eighth house as Lord. Hence it is recognized as favourable towards the natives. When the emerald is worn on person with diamond mixed with, then your effect will be highly beneficial. For, Venus may be the Lord within the Fourth and also the Ninth houses, playing a Significator’s role. Emerald in conjunction with blue-sapphire would bring higher efficacies and become good for the natives.

Jupiter is posited within the chart within the Second (wealth) and within the eleventh (profit) houses. Hence if yellow sapphire is worn throughout the major amount of Jupiter, which will increase the natives’ luck to get wealth, prosperity, familial happiness, academic advancement, intelligence. However, remember, as Jupiter may be the Lord from the Second house also, it may even inflict death or very bad consequence.

Diamond is really a recommended jewel for that natives from the Ascendant Aquarius.

Within the chart from the natives Saturn may be the Lord from the Twelfth house yet it’s the Ascendant Lord too. Its principal triangle zodiac sign falls upon the Ascendancy. The blue sapphire is, therefore, the option gem for that natives.