Aquamarine In Different Parts Of The World

The sea colored aquamarine is one of the most gorgeous gemstones. It belongs to the family of Beryl in which emerald, one of the most sought after gemstones is a member. Known since the ancient ages, aquamarines have been very popularly used as a protective shield and in jewelry making. Available in pale blue to green color, aquamarine acquires its color from traces of iron that are found in the crystal structure of the stones. Though aquamarine is famous for the gorgeous blue color, the mineral Beryl is available in many colors. Thus, we find emerald in intense green color, heliodor in pale yellow color or yellowish orange color and gosenite with the absence of any color.

Where Are Aquamarines Found?
Aquamarine is one of the most popular gemstones found in various parts of the world. This gemstone has been well known since ancient times and the documented evidences show that the gemstones were used by Greeks in 300 BC. It was held in high esteem by Egyptians, Sumerians and the Hebrews who were inspired by the sheer beauty of the gemstone. Aquamarine is produced by many countries across the globe and we will look at some of the countries, which are known for producing the fascinating gemstone. 

Madagascar was very famous for producing aquamarines though in the past. It produced aquamarines in medium dark blue colors. The significance of gemstones from Madagascar scaled down after various other locations boasted of producing aquamarines in fascinating blue color.

Brazil is the leading contributor of aquamarines. Minas Gerais, a gemstone mine in Brazil contributes the most of aquamarines. The gemstone available here is mostly in bluish-green color. The country produces aquamarines of various sizes and shapes.

Pakistan produces some of the best specimens of aquamarines. The land is home to a wide range of famous minerals including aquamarines, peridot, emerald, ruby and topaz. While the countries that produce aquamarines are many, the best quality aquamarines are available in Brazil, Pakistan and Namibia. Nagar valley in the north of Pakistan produces aquamarines in great numbers and of superior quality. The major importer of Pakistan aquamarines is Bangkok.

Namibia is famous for producing some of the best quality aquamarines. The aquamarines mined here have stunning schorl association. With intense color and luster adding to the schorl association, the Namibia gemstones are renowned.

Afghanistan holds the pride of being amongst the first few nations to mine for gemstones. Known for its mineral wealth, the country has yet to tap a numerous deposits of gemstones available in its land. Afghanistan aquamarines are mostly very pale. The crystals are large sized and the clarity is great.

United States Of America
In United States, aquamarines are found in 25 states. Some of the places where aquamarines are found include summit of Mount Antero and North Carolina. In Canada, aquamarines are found in Ontario, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Northwest territories and Yukon territory. Aquamarine locations in South America include Argentina and Bolivia.

Russia produces some of the best aquamarines. They are found in Ural Mountains in Russia. Siberia and Transbaikalia produce aquamarines in this land.

Aquamarines are found in various other parts of Asia, Africa and Europe. The above-mentioned places are famous for aquamarines, which never fail to enthrall.