An Online Guide For Buying Aquamarine Gemstones

Aquamarine, the beautiful gemstone mostly found in blue color is from the family of Beryl. Emerald is a very popular member of this family. Aquamarine has been used since ages, it was considered highly valuable for some of its unique qualities, and some other qualities people believed it possessed. Aquamarine is available in shades ranging from light blue to deep blue and greenish blue though one recalls blue color the moment the name of the gemstone is heard. Such is the popularity of the stunningly beautiful blue colored gemstone, which is used in the making of various types of jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and pendants. If the beauty of this gemstone is too hard for you to resist, here are some suggestions on how to buy aquamarine gemstones and what to look for in the process of your purchase.

The basic factors that you need to look for in aquamarine gemstone are the color, clarity, cut and carat weight. These play a lead role in determining the quality though color and clarity matter the most. Let us go by that order to begin with.

1) Color, The First Consideration
Right from pale blue to deep blue, aquamarines are available in various shades of the ocean color. All the colors are attractive though intensity of the color ultimately decides the value of the gemstone. The more intense the blue, higher is the value of the gemstone. Hence, if you do not mind shelling out some extra amount to get the gorgeous piece, you need to look for the color first.

2) Clarity Makes Them Unique
Aquamarines are mostly without inclusions. They are naturally flawless and considered to be ranked amongst the cleanest of gemstones. Aquamarine without inclusions is considered as a quality gemstone. Aquamarine gemstones with clarity will enable you to see through for inclusions. Hence, go for aquamarines that offer the best clarity.

3) Cuts Create A Lasting Impression
Cut of the aquamarine gemstone or for that matter every gemstone is important. If the gemstone is properly cut, you will find that it is highly reflective. Aquamarines are easily cut and carved hence you could expect to see some stunning designs. Check to see the level of reflection by holding the gemstone to light.

4) Carat Weight Determines Fashion Statement 
The carat weight of aquamarine does not influence the price of the gemstone. In fact, aquamarines that have more carat weight do not cost more than the gemstones with much lesser carat weight. However, large aquamarines look stunning when on jewelry unlike small aquamarines, which look good but not as fashionable as a large gemstone.

5) Learn About Heat Treatment
Most of aquamarines are heat treated to remove yellow tints. Occasionally are they available without being heat-treated. The heat treatment remains permanent and it does no harm to the gemstone.

6) Sellers Of Repute
As blue topaz passes off easily as aquamarines, it would be wiser to make your purchase from reputed sellers. You will be paying for what you buy with sellers of repute and the risk factor is very minimal here.

You might be looking for aquamarines to make some jewelry out of it or you might be intending to add them to your rare collections. Whatever your idea on purchasing aquamarine gemstones, you need to ensure that you know what to expect of the gemstone and what to expect to see in the market.