Alexandrite Gemstone In Various Types Of Jewelry

Alexandrite is a fascinating gemstone that is used in the making of jewelry. This rare gemstone is so alluring that the market is flooded with lab created alexandrites to make them accessible and available. This gemstone is unique because it possesses the ability to change colors under different sources of light. Named after Alexander the Second who was the Czar of Russia, this gemstone was originally found in Russia’s Ural Mountains. Alexandrite belongs to chrysoberyl family. It is found in various parts of the world including Brazil, Madagascar, India and Srilanka. Let us have a look into some of the types of jewelry made of alexandrite.

Alexandrite Rings
Alexandrite rings are available in amazing styles. They are great as engagement rings. Whatever style of ring you choose, be it a petite ring or one with celtic knot, curls or traditional, you will find it goes well with alexandrite. By choosing the style of your choice, you can present yourself as the trendiest person or one who loves antique.

Alexandrite Earrings
You could just about produce the desired effect in your face with alexandrite earrings. These stunningly beautiful earrings are a perfect choice for any outfit and occasion. You want to have an exclusive alexandrite earring, or a mix and match earring with alexandrite and other precious gemstones, you could be assured of uniqueness in the product. As the gemstone is great on every style, you could have studs, drops, dangles, knots, curls, lever back and anything you could dream of.

Alexandrite Necklace And Pendants
You are sure to be the center of attraction if you have alexandrite necklace on you. The rare gemstone produces amazing effect that if you are used to it, you could not go without it. The color changing quality of alexandrite offers you excellent scope for creativity that you could mix and match the gemstone with any gemstone of your choice. Alexandrite pendants are equally amazing too and they look great on any style be it the conventional style, curls or something symbolic.  

Alexandrite Bracelets
Bracelets have a definite role in the fashion world. Bracelets of various types are seen in the market but alexandrite bracelets stand apart from every other bracelet owing to its quality to change color under lights. With this stunning bracelet on you, you can be sure that you have presented yourself in style. The bracelets too give room for various creative ideas. You could have a single large alexandrite or smaller alexandrite gemstones that go with all colors.

Alexandrite Bangles
Alexandrite bangles are great in any style. Even the simplest of styles, a plain bangle, is amazing if it is made of alexandrite. The color changing quality of alexandrite makes the bangle look in different shades under different sources of light, which is a delight to watch. Adding to the beauty of the precious gemstone, if you were to have your bangle designed or carved, you will find the outcome to be gorgeous.

Alexandrite gemstones are very rare and hence you might often land up on lab-produced alexandrites, which is mostly used in the making of jewelry. Though you will find that these share the same qualities of natural alexandrite, originals can never be replaced. Hence, if you are seeking for original alexandrites, ensure that you are in the right store. However, if you are not particular about the gemstone being original, you have plenty of options to choose from as various sellers deal with man made alexandrites and they state that the quality of these man made alexandrites are worth the money spent on them.