Alexandrite Gemstone – 10 Interesting Facts And Myths

Alexandrite is the rarest gemstone and the most valuable of all other gemstones owing to its qualities and its availability as well. Russia, the land where alexandrite gemstones were first found has not been producing these gemstones for long now. The stones are now sourced from other countries such as Brazil, India, Madagascar and Srilanka. However, Russian alexandrites were considered superior in quality. Here are some facts and myths about Alexandria, the ancient gemstone that is compellingly alluring.

1) Alexandrite is the most valuable member of chrysoberyl family. Its unique features have made the gemstone the most sought after. However, it is a very rare gemstone and an expensive one too.

2) This rare and fascinating gemstone was first found in the Ural mountains in Russia in the year 1830. It was named after Alexander the Second, Czar of Russia. Russian alexandrites are very popular as they are the finest specimens of this gemstone. However, the demand owing to the stunning quality of color change by this gemstone was more than the supply and in due course, the gemstone production in Russia had stopped. Interestingly, the color changes from green to red in this gemstone and these are the national colors of Russia.
3) The gemstone is popularly referred to as ‘emerald by day, ruby by night’ as it changes from green color in daylight to red color in incandescent light.

4) Alexandrite ranks 8.5 on Mohs’ hardness scale, which makes the gemstone an ideal wear for regular use. Owing to the hardness, it is considered the best choice for making jewelry.

5)  The gemstone is considered to bring love, good luck and fortune. Since it is considered as a gemstone that promotes romance, it is used in engagement rings.

6) Naturally developed alexandrites are symbolic gemstones for 45th wedding anniversary. Since the gemstone is considered to promote love and bring success, it is natural to be a symbol that marks a long and happy wedded life.

7) Alexandrite is considered beneficial to address pancreatic conditions, problems related to spleen and lymph nodes. It is believed to help in treating leukemia.

8) Alexandrite is associated with qualities to boost self-confidence and self-esteem. It is believed to aid in balancing the emotional state of mind.

9) Alexandrite is also known as magical barometer. It was believed that the gemstone foretold the changes for the wearer by changing colors. If yellow color is displayed, it was believed to announce the onset of hard times for the wearer of alexandrite.

10) It was also considered traveler’s gem. It was believed to help the wearer adapt to a new atmosphere, discern the principles of life of other cultures and find a way out to converse easily with those with a foreign tongue. It was believed that carrying this gemstone aided the owner in understanding other languages easily.

This rare gemstone is hard to find these days and places where they are supposed to be available are not easily accessible. Everything about the gemstone makes an interesting study as the gemstone itself.