10 Myths And Legends Associated With Coral

Coral is so ancient that it was used as back as the prehistoric times. In spite of the passing of centuries, coral has not lost its ability to fascinate people. It is one of the most popular gemstones used to make jewelry and you will find that a wardrobe is not complete without coral jewelry. Coral organisms, known as polyps are tiny marine organisms. These marine organisms use calcium carbonate to construct a protective shield around them. After the death of the polyp that lives and dies inside the shield, another polyp constructs a shield over it with the roof of the earlier construction as the floor. Such formations are called coral reefs. There have been many myths and legends revolving around coral. Let us have a look at 10 such popular myths about coral.

1) Romans believed that corals could safeguard their children from harm. They further believed that corals could be used to cure wounds caused by snakebites. Hence, they made their children wear coral jewelry around their necks as an effort to protect their children from possible dangers. Many other cultures across the world used coral for the same purpose.

2) Coral was considered a lucky charm that could stop bleeding. Hence, it was worn by people.

3) It was believed that coral had the ability to calm the sea.

4) In the past, people believed that coral helped to protect the wearer of corals from hurricanes and lightning.

5) During ancient times, Egyptians believed that divine blood was present in each coral. Hence, they placed coral pieces in tombs in an attempt to protect against evil spirits. The belief may be traced to Greek mythology, which states that few drops of blood of Gorgon Medusa, who was beheaded by Perseus, splashed into the sea. These drops of blood were said to solidify to form corals.

6) Ancient Romans believed that pulverized coral acquires curative properties when added to wine.

7) It was believed that coral could help with diagnose of disease in the wearer by changing color. If the wearer is in a critical health condition, coral loses its color as far as the belief goes.

8) During Medieval times, it was considered that coral had the power to ward off evil eye. It was believed to be effective in curing infertility.

9) It is believed that coral aids in curing madness. It was worn to enhance wisdom as well.

10) Coral was believed to possess the quality to safeguard the wearer of coral against any type of magic spells. Hence, seeing people adorned in coral jewelry is a common occurrence in places where there are widespread beliefs about magic spells.

The legends and myths surrounding coral could be many. Since coral has been worn since prehistoric times by various cultures across the world, beliefs about its benefits seem to have grown along with the mankind. In the modernized world, some of the ancient myths are still present and are supplemented by new beliefs. Whether one believes in these myths or not, coral will continue to fascinate people with the fact about it being present on earth for so many years and for being the largest structure on earth, which was constructed by group of animals.