10 Interesting Facts And Myths You Would Love To Know About Amethysts

Amethyst, the most fascinating purple colored gemstone, has been in use since ancient times. Amethyst is a quartz form and it is generally found in all parts of the world inside geodes and in alluvial deposits. The quality of this gemstone depends on the source from where it was excavated. Siberian amethysts are considered rare and hence expensive. Once considered very precious, their abundant availability lowered their importance as a gemstone. However, the gemstone has not lost its attraction. Used in the crown jewels in the past, the stone is even today used in the making of various types of jewelry. In spite of being commonly available, the fascination for the stone has not died down and it will remain unconquered in the jewelry world.

Not only is the color of amethyst attractive, the facts and stories centering on the gemstone are attractive as well. Here are some quick facts and myths about the gemstone, which enjoys wide popularity.

1) Amethyst is considered the best form of quartz. Famous for its purple color, the gemstone can be found in other shades, which include lavender, mauve, violet, green and yellow. Amethysts acquire green and yellow shades after being heat-treated. These colors remain permanently.

2) Amethyst ranks amongst the oldest gemstone forms ever recorded in the world.

3) The gemstone was considered so royal that it was used in the crown jewels by royal families in Europe. Egyptian rulers too craved to have these gemstones included in their jewelry. The gemstone lost its importance only after large deposits of these stones were found in Brazil, Africa and Mexico.

3) Amethysts are available across the world. Brazil and Uruguay are major producers of amethyst gemstones. Russia, Germany, Canada, Austria, Kazakhstan, Africa and Italy are some other countries that produce amethysts.

4) Amethyst gemstone is Ontario’s official mineral.

5) Amethyst acquires its name from Greek language, which means ‘not intoxicated’. During Middle ages, it was believed that this stone would protect people from being addicted to alcohol. Apart from alcohol, it was believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits.
6) There is a famous legend about the origin of this gemstone. It is said that Bacchus, the Roman god of wine was angered by the fact that he was neglected by people who did not consume alcohol. Hence, with a view to punish the mortals that defied him, he decided to send two of his ferocious tigers to attack the first mortal that passed by. A 14-year-old girl by name Amethyst was the innocent victim who had been on her way to pay flower tributes to the moon goddess Diana. When she was about to be attacked by the tigers, goddess Diana intervened to save her by turning her into a crystal. Bacchus wept on witnessing the incident and his wine accidentally spilt over Amethyst to turn her purple. This is the story behind the origin of amethyst and how it went about acquiring purple color. 

7) The color purple was considered royal and amethyst being considered the most precious gemstone in the ancient times, it was used by the royals in Europe and Egypt in their crown jewelry. 

8) The world’s most attractive amethyst necklace was worn by Duchess of Windsor. This necklace was so uniquely designed that it announced the arrival of a great style in the world of necklace.

9) St. Valentine preferred purple color amethyst and hence it was favored as representing love. This gemstone became a natural choice of lovers to express their love.

10) Many healing properties are associated with amethysts. It is believed that it would help in insomnia, hearing problems, headaches and other type of aches. It is believed to calm the mind and balance one’s emotions.

Amethyst has various properties attached to it. It is believed that the wearer will have spiritual enlightenment and achieve success in chosen fields. It is believed to bring happiness, satisfaction and safeguard against hazards. The gemstone is stunning in all types of jewelry. In short, the appearance of the gemstone and its stories are unique, interesting and appealing.