10 Interesting Facts About Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine, belonging to the family of Beryl, is an attractive gemstone. It is the branch of the same family from where emerald acquires its roots. The transparent gemstone is found in various shades of the ocean and hence you could find them in colors ranging from pale blue to intense blue. The gemstone acquires its name from Latin phrase ‘aqua marinus’, which means ‘water of the sea’. Gemstones are normally associated with various properties and aquamarine is no exception. There are many facts and myths surrounding this fascinating gemstone. Used since the ancient ages, the myths are many and here you could find some facts and myths involving aquamarine, the desirable gemstone.

1) Easily available on all parts of the world, the gemstones were considered valuable owing to certain qualities attributed to them. Hence, these gemstones were used even in the ancient ages. However, going by the documented evidences available, we see that they were used by the Greeks in 300 BC.

2) Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that aquamarine originated from the treasure chest of mermaids.

3) Aquamarines earned their name owing to their color and so were they bestowed upon a quality of having the ability to protect sailors who traveled by sea. It was believed that the gemstone protected the sailors from seasickness and other hazards that are associated with sea travel.

4) It was believed that aquamarines helped the wearer acquire intuition. Other qualities associated with wearing of this gemstone include faithfulness, awareness and effective communication. It was said to instill courage in the minds of the wearers.

5) Brazil had the biggest aquamarine mined so far, which weighed 243 pounds. It was cut to make smaller stones, which yielded a record two lakh carats.  

6) The gemstone’s association with water made people believe that it could cleanse the wearer’s body and enhance immunity.

7) Aquamarine is associated with Throat chakra. It is used in meditation, as it is believed that the stone has soothing powers and help while meditating.

8) Aquamarines are specifically gifted to couples who celebrate their 16th and 19th wedding anniversary. It is believed that this gemstone helps to make the wearer calm, friendly and compassionate. It is considered the best gemstone to be set on an engagement ring.

9) Aquamarine is said to be effective to do away the effects of poison. It has been associated with various other medical properties as well.

10) Aquamarine is the official stone of Colorado.

Human minds are mysterious. Though the world advances with technological development setting the pace for reasoning out anything and everything, certain myths about gemstones still hold good. Some myths fade as time passes by but some still hang on and people favor certain gemstones owing to certain qualities they are considered to possess. The most important myths that stand the test of time are those that are associated with medical properties and those that are associated with certain mystic powers to help ward off evils. The myths and beliefs do play a role in buying the gemstone but aquamarine stands apart for the sheer brilliance of the gemstone, which exceeds all expectations.