• Amber (Indian: Kerwa; Italian: Ambra) is the hardened and fossilized resin of certain pine trees such as the Pinus succinifera. Amber is either collected from sea shores or fished off the
  • Jasper is a massive, fine-grained, opaque variety of chalcedony, believed to protect against sight defects and drought. It occurs in shades of brown, greyish blue, red, yellow and green and
  • Dioptase is a beautiful, vivid emerald-green, having a hint of blue. It has very high fire, but this is masked by its strong color, which may make stones translucent rather than transparent
  • Almandine is generally darker red than pyrope and may appear black, although pinkish red specimens are found. It is usually opaque or subtranslucent, but the rare transparent stones have
  • Crystalline quartz in shades of purple, lilac or mauve is called amethyst, a stone traditionally worn to guard against drunkenness, and to instil a sober and serious mind. Amethyst is
  • Colourless and transparent, rock crystal is the most widely distributed variety of quartz, one of the most common minerals of the Earth’s crust. The crystals are usually found as colourless
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Camo Wedding Rings

Camouflage rings, popularly known as camo rings, are showing off in style contrary to what their names suggest. Camo rings represent and show to the world, your passion and your personality. These unique rings are named thus as they camouflage pattern throughout the ring or accentuate the looks of the ring with its decorative pattern. Read more »

Does One's Luck Change After Wearing A Gemstone?

The Rig Veda, which may be the oldest book compiled by man on the planet, has mentioned the term Ratna, in the first sloka, called mantra. The gems are such adored around the world that individuals of religions, languages and communities will always be enchanted through the marvellous utilities of these, down time. Read more »

Interesting Facts You Should Know About Opal

One of the most attractive gemstone in the world today is opal due to its rarity and appearance. For a person who wants a collection of gemstone, it could be one of those stones he/she is looking for. Others want to collect opal gemstones because of their healing practices; other even use them for meditation and other related activities.

The Colors Of Opal Read more »

6 Reasons why wearing a pendant is more beneficial than a ring

A gemstone worn as a pendant always gives better result than a ring. There are six main reasons for that:


    1. In a ring, the gemstone which is generally highly expensive, meets natural wear and tear earlier than that in a pendant. Chances of getting scratched or broken is quite natural.
    2. A gemstone studded in a pendant that hangs above the naval region of the body always remains pure according to the Indian astrological tenets.

How to take care of pearls?

There is not a big precaution list to be followed in order to take care of pearls. But, still, there are some precautions which are important since great care must be taken while cleaning pearls. Read more »

How to judge if the stone is a color changing gemstone?

Alexandrite, sapphire, garnet, tourmaline, spinel, synthetic sapphire, glass etc. are some of the gemstones which display a change of color from daylight to lamplight.

To judge whether a stone is a color changing gemstone or not, one has to consider following things: Read more »

How to separate diamond from its imitation?

Identifying any gemstone with naked eye or using 10x/20x loupe is very difficult. Even at certain level gemologists and traders fail to visually identify gemstone and take help of gemological instruments and labs. And when it comes in identifying diamond from its simulants (imitation) then the job gets more tougher.

Many gemstones imitates diamond. But there are mainly two (2) diamond-imitation which are heavily available in trade. Read more »