Yellow Sapphire

As its name implies, it is a gem of a light yellow color. It is an expensive stone and denotes righteousness piety and truthfulness of the wearers. It is recommended for economic prosperity and comforts and is particularly good for those engaged in business or industry.

Yellow sapphire is particularly good for those desirous to be blessed with children, or those interested in nobler aspects of life and in the occult, charity, spiritual motivation, yoga, meditation, and religious preaching.

Yellow sapphire gemstone should be preferably worn on Thursday within an hour of sunrise, in gold on the index figure. In the natal chart, if Jupiter is in any start where Sun is transiting, like Kritika, U Phalguni or U Ashada, yellow sapphire will give beneficial results. Its use with pearl on gold too gives powerful results, particularly in the cases of epilepsy. It is a recommended stone for persons of birth number 3, as it will bless them with all round happiness and prosperity, good health benevolence, longevity. It will also protect the natives from dangers during long voyages and is a recommended stone, in case of those whose duties involve frequent traveling. It is particularly good for those born under the solar sign Sagittarius, but in order to be most effective it should be of light yellow color and transparent.

A pinkish-orange sapphire is known as “Padparadscha” and is most expensive variety of gemstones worn only by the most affluent. It is recommended for childless couples and for those in service, having problems with their service matters, promotion, increment, and transfer to desired stations. It should be worn on Thursdays in the early hours of the morning.