Ruby (meaning): It is one of the most costly gemstone and is worn for Sun, emitting red, cosmic rays and infra-red radiation, makes and gives the subject active, smart, bestows high honor and social esteem, freedom from sight problems and eye defects/ailments. It rules over bones, headaches, indigestion, fevers and colic. In short, the wearer will be generally favored with good health, position and prestige, particularly making him/her free from any serious abnormalities or diseases. Occultists, gem therapists, sculptors, artists, engineers, architects, legal experts, high court judges can wear this with a great advantage. In case the color of the gem fades, it indicates that the wearer may have to face certain unexpected difficulties and problems and can thus be forewarned to face these problems boldly. Ruby protects the wearer from harm done through underground jealousies and rivalries. Ruby can be worn with profit by senior administrators, executives, politicians and those laced in higher echelons of the society, as it gives initiative courage, higher administrative skills and supervisory powers. Precious rubies protect the wearer from not only diseases but also confer high honor and position, not withstanding the conspiracies/plots, which may be hatched by their adversaries. But it should be use din consultation with a good numerologist / gem therapist.

Ruby is recommended for general good luck for those belonging to solar sing ‘Virgo’ or for those having their single birth numbers 1 to 4 (i.e., those born on 1, 10, 19, 28, 4, 13, 22 & 31 of any month). It is good for heart patients and those suffering from B.P. (blood pressure). It has been found effective in the case of cancer patients also. It is good for chronic patients of eye sight.

Rubies are particularly favorable for those in positions of authority or those aspiring to become high dignitaries in th affairs of nations, but its use could be combined with diamonds.

Its use is not ordinarily recommended for housewives, as they may tend to dominate over their husbands but working girls in the positions of authority could use it with some advantage.

It should be worn in gold on the ring finger. The weight should be preferably 3 to 5 carat, it should be worn on Sundays within one hour of sunrise, after prayers.

The famous ‘Star of India’ known as the world’s largest and costliest ruby, which now adorns the Smithsonian Institute in Washington (USD), has a weight of 100 carats; whereas the Myanmar (Burma) Government has a crimson colored uncut ruby weighting 496.5 carats and which now forms part of the State’s treasure.

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