Opal (meaning): It is a shining gemstone and comes in different hues and colors like black, red, yellow and white combined together. A white snowy landscape, dotted with fireflies of red, gold, blue, purple and green is a valuable possession for many gem lovers. The finest and most valuable opals come from Australia. A fine black opal these days sells for over $1,000 per carat.

Opal is good for bestowing beauty, power and for financial prosperity and for those in business, particularly connected with travel and tourism and imports/exports. It is also worn for personal charm of the wearer and for those wishing to have extra sexual powers. If it grows dull after use, it should be discarded or replaced by a new gem. It is called the queen of gemstones and has been treasured since times immemorial for its extraordinary beauty.

Opal is a must for those born in the month of October. It will make them loving and affectionate in personal and family life and will ensure them good opportunities and they will be able to magnetize others for good causes. It enhances the capacity to foretell and has been used by the most successful astrologers and occultists. It also helps the wearers to win litigation cases and to have greater stability in life.