Aquamarine cabochons

Aquamarine comes from Latin, meaning literally “sea water”. As a healing stone, aquamarine has a variety of beneficial properties, the majority of which are based on its connection to the throat chakra.


Healing properties

When worn as a necklace, aquamarine can be expected to heal throat and neck problems, including swollen glands, or issues associated with the vocal cords and with speech. Chronic tonsillitis can also be treated by aquamarine by combining it in a necklace with turquoise, sodalite, chalcedony, and blue topaz. Finally, when applied to the third chakra, it can ease the solar plexus and the organs associated with digestion.

Magical properties

As a stone that represents peaceful behaviour and interaction, aquamarine encourages the wearer to act gently and calmly.

Chakra classification

Though it does vary based on color, most aquamarines are connected to the throat chakra.

Star sign

When connected to an Aquarius, aquamarine encourages friendship and love. For a Pisces, it promotes overall awareness, while Libras find it useful for warning against danger.

Application and care

Aquamarine functions best when worn directly against the skin. A daily does of running water is also recommended. If used frequently, it can be recharged by direct sunlight. If the aquamarine is part of a necklace, it can cleansed by storing it nightly in a dry bowl full of hematite and aquamarine tumbled stones.

Aquamarine Pictures

Rough aquamarine