Coral (meaning): It is a precious gem of bright red color and it comes in lighter shades too. Corals flourish at the hollow of the seas. An opaque gemstone is most effective for female or male for radiating powerful emotions through absorption of red radiation from visible light spectrum. Through the use of coral in gold several diseases can be warded off, particularly tropical fevers, chicken pox, jaundice, fistula, impotency and ailments pertaining to blood, particularly impure blood. Its use is also most effective in healing ailments like anemia, general debility, weakness, lassitude, body pains, allergies, inflammations, cough and cold, bronchitis, pneumonia etc. No doubt, it helps to improve marital life.

Children suffering from malnutrition or inadequate / slow development may also improve. Abortion or miscarriage or other prenatal complications can be prevented, provided coral is used under expert guidance after three months of pregnancy. Police personnel or defense officials would also be highly benefited and protected from untoward happenings and dangers. At times, nightmares or threats from inferior spirits of witchcraft can be warded off. It also protects the wearers from lightning and thunder and traffic accidents. Some use its powder from improving digestive system. Usually, those with birth number 9 would find instant results, as it would provide them with extra energies, financial stability, reduction of tensions, easing of litigation, vigor and issues, howsoever entangled and complicated those may be.

Coral will give strength and willingness to meet challenges and critical situations. Some occultists have commended about its beneficial effect in curing natives from mysterious diseases and protecting them from untoward happenings as also from sudden and unexpected developments. It is good for T.B. patients as well.

White corals are recommended for those suffering from diabetes. Hindu ladies can use coral gems probably engraved with an image of God, Hanuman. It should be preferably worn on Tuesdays within one hour of the sunrise.