Moonstone (meaning): It is called the “gem of hope”. It is particularly good for those, who are born in the month of July or those who have sensitive stomachs. It is particularly lucky for those having their birth numbers as 2 or 7 (both interchangeable numbers).

Moonstone can be worn by others too as it has several advantages. It is harmless. If worn under astrological guidance, it should be worn in silver on the little finger. It relieves metal tensions, nervous disorders, eases sensitive stomachs. It is a substitute for pearl and is good for the following:

  1. Those needing greater concentration in studies/research.
  2. Those having problems of marriage or martial happiness.
  3. Those suffering from heart ailments, gynecological problems, epilepsy, mental ailments.
  4. For those who cannot control tempers or get excited quickly.
  5. For general peace of mind.

Moonstone is one of the gemstone which was used in the highest worship by the ancient Hindus or Puranic Pantheon as representing Chandra (Moon). It has become very popular because of its efficiency and beneficial effects. It is good for those dealing with research projects, accountancy, banking, navigation, judiciary and engineering.