Alexandrite (color change in lamplight and daylight)

The alexandrite gemstone draws its name from the Russian tsar, Alexander II. Generally, the stone is about the same size as the eraser of a pencil. However, all sizes of this particular stone are extremely rare, and are highly valued on the precious stone market.


Healing properties

Alexandrite has several physical and spiritual healing properties. On the spiritual emotional side, it allows the user to harmonize their inner feelings, increasing happiness and good cheer. Physically, it is closely associated with nervous system. Because of this connection, helps ensure that all internal organs are operating smoothly and in concert. Specifically, it has the largest impact on the spleen, pancreas, and stomach. Finally, it can protect users against such afflictions as hyperpiesia of the stomach and blood academia.

Chakra classification

Most closely connected to the sacred chakra, alexandrite is useful for ground the flow of energy through this particular chakra.

Star sign

Alexandrite does not have an affinity for any particular star sign.

Application and care

Like many stones, alexandrite can be recharged by being left out in the sun. This should be done after it has been cleansed with warn running water.