Turquoise (meaning): It is good for persons of birth no. 1, 3, 4, 6 and 8. Turquoise is extraordinary good for liver ailments for protection against eye ailments and good for throat infections. It protects the wearer against untoward happenings, accidental death or violence of any kind. Turquoise generally protects from enemies too. It denotes courage and love. It is a symbol of youth, vitality and innocent love. It bestows a sense of general well being to the wearer.

Turquoise is very powerful in curing headaches and body pains and is good for those belonging to birth numbers 4 or 8. The user is bestowed with the qualities of generosity, magnanimity and honesty. He will also be found to be dutiful and of liberal views. The wearer will also be associated with ideas connected with expansion, joy, happiness and prosperity. It bestows an aristocratic and royal type of temperament and thinking. It is also strongly recommended for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.

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