Emerald (meaning): It allows cold green radiation to be absorbed by the user enabling him to have perfect control over his nervous and intestinal portions, liver, tissues, lungs, vocal chord, tongue, brain and nervous system. Its use is, therefore ideal in the case of any ailment connected with these functions. Defects in recalling, stammering, harshness in voice, students having weak IQ, women at delivery bed fearing complications, men in business, writers, printers/publishers, dealers of scientific instruments will also find the use of emerald as beneficial. The gem is also beneficial in the case of following ailments:

  1. Erythroblastosis Fostalis (RH group incompatibility)
  2. Depressive Psychosis
  3. Pchaesophernia (Psychological disorder)
  4. Dyspepsia
  5. Hyperacidity
  6. Flatulance
  7. Hepatitis
  8. Bronchitis
  9. Stomatitis

Emerald is highly recommended for natives of birth numbers 6. It is good for those, who are generally lazy. It enhances intellectual brilliance and prevents losses in business. Good quality emerald is expensive. It is dark green without any spot. It should have a sparkling luster and transparency. A pale green stone with a cloud like appearance indicates poor quality of the gem and may be harmful rather than beneficial to the user.

Emerald should be worn on the Mercury finger (little finger) on the right hand in the case of males and on the left hand in the case of females. If the native’s mother is not keeping well, its use should be avoided at that time. It should not be worn by those suffering from allergic tendencies, skin disorders or epilepsy. It can also be worn by those in whose natal charts Mercury is afflicted or is weak. It can also be profitably worn by those governed by the solar signs Gemini or Virgo.

Emerald is good for speedy recovery of the ailments connected with liver, intestines, brain, and nervous system. When used orally in the form of powder, it cures the bites of snakes.

Emerald is particularly good for those connected with hospitals, and those dealing with chemical industry, poetry, factories and research, public relations jobs, senior business and court executives and management experts, medical and surgical equipment and instruments, equipment for survey, diplomats, peacemakers, arbitrators, auctioneers etc. It is also good for those engaged in communications and those, who want to travel fast. Its use gives bright and wonderful ideas to the users and good for those who have to formulate prestigious projects/schemes for big organizations. It makes the users adaptable and gives strength to make the most of difficult and challenging situations. It helps the users to maintain unquestioned integrity and identity of character.

Emerald should be preferably worn on Wednesdays, within one hour of the sun rise.