Meaning: Pearls coming from Basra and Gulf countries and Mediterranean region are of good quality and highly beneficial, particularly in reducing tensions, stomach ailments and marital discards. If worn by the ladies on neck, it will preserve their chastity. Its influence over heart, blood and mind is considerable. It increases the self-confidence of the wearer and enhances his/her mental faculties, promotes and builds cordial working atmosphere around him/her.

Pearls are known for their beauty, purity and luster and these are associated with the planet Moon. In the Indian mythology, it had been used with great advantage for general prosperity and good luck. It gives confidence to the wearer in love and life, makes him/her an amiable person, seeking the peaceful methods to achieve his/her goals. It can be used by students/scholars for greater concentration in studies, young couples for marital harmony, older persons for better health and to relieve tensions. It gives coolness and calmness of mind by which one can improve his imaginative powers.

Pearl is highly recommended gemstone for persons of birth number 2 (i.e. those born on 2, 11, 20 and 29 of any month) and for persons of birth number 7 (those born on 7, 16 and 25th of any month). It is good for those born under the sign of cancer. It is also recommended for those engaged in the educational fields, men of letters, research scholars & scientists, particularly those dealing in atomic energy, politics, engineering, navigation, shipping, sports, law and judiciary, banking, insurance and irrigation departments etc. It can be used for improving one’s memory and retentive power as well as the power of psyche. It is must for those suffering from sleeplessness or for those having ailments of the heart, stomach ulcers, eye problems, hysteria, giddiness, pleurisy, epilepsy, fevers, diabetes and T.B. Those who are lucky to buy good pearls and use them will be blessed by the Almighty with good health and happiness and ability to quickly solve intricate and difficult problems, and to conquer obstacles, coming their way and acquire a greater self confidence.

Besides bestowing tools with which to face problems boldly, its use can also be restored to in warding off all evil influences on one’s life, bestowing general prosperity, name and fame and fulfillment of one’s set aims and targets. It can therefore, be worn by one and all without fear or favor. It is recommended for those wishing to have better financial luck and for those Hindu ladies, who find it difficult to find a suitable match. But it should be used in silver or white metal, well polished and be worn on the little finger on Mondays. It is also and ideal stone for those in whose case moon is well placed in their natal charts.

Pearls can be used with advantage for childless couples wishing to have children and ladies suffering for menstrual / uterine disorders.

Pearls use shuns evil influence and protection from difficult environments and blesses the wearer with qualities of perseverance, patience, faith in the maker, purity of mind and reduces sensitiveness. The wearer also develops hatred for anger and violence and the willingness to do public good goes up. It is good for those dealing with affairs of the State, particularly those in the diplomatic services at a senior level. It is also good for those engaged in humanitarian causes, such as those working for hospitals, Red Cross etc. It bestows name and fame, general happiness, success and beauty. It protects from financial losses and ensures gains and success within the range of human possibility. It is an ideal possession for those whose horoscopes have weak Jupiter. Ladies having pimples and wishing to enhance love and beauty, can also us pearl.