Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli (meaning): It represents tenderness, sympathy and love. Its use is recommended for those whose birth numbers are 3, 4, 6, 8 or 9 or for those, who are born under the solar sign Taurus. It is particularly favorable for ladies engaged in music, art, dance, drama. It is also helpful to those who believe in subtle values. Persons using lapis lazuli gemstone will be known by their powers of love and affection and can generally win over others through the powers of love. They would find that they can transmit love to others with ease and confidence. They would also love peace and harmony and acquire an optimistic outlook.

The ancient people used lapis lazuli gemstone because of its high healing power. It was known to protect the wearers from melancholy and depressing outlook and from intermittent fevers and eye infections. Lapis lazuli is good for general prosperity and happiness. It should not be used by those suffering from diabetes or those who have extra fat on their bodies. It is good for the physical as well as emotional well-being of the wearer. It also helps in sustaining their determination and stamina. Generally, it protects the wearers from dangers of any kind. The wearer will acquire and build up sufficient financial reserves. It heals all sorts of liver and stomach problems very quickly. Those, who are lucky to acquire lapis lazuli gemstone and use it will be considered to be most fortunate and blessed. They will never be found to be wanting in money or love. It will also avoid misunderstandings between loved ones. It safeguards against the adverse Saturn. It protects natives of birth no. 9 who are accident prone.

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