Synthetic Cubic Zirconia

Synthetic Cubic Zirconia is also known as Cubic Zircon or C.Z. or simply Zircon.

Meaning: Synthetic Cubic Zirconia who’s hard, brilliant, adamantine luster and strongly refracted transparency is second only to the diamond, has been favored by our ancient sages and seers to be highly beneficial to the wearers.

Synthetic Cubic Zirconia endows prestige and nobility to its wearers and allows respect and position as also added popularity in social circles and appreciation by members of the opposite sex.

Synthetic Cubic Zirconia is particularly good for those born in April (Aries). It bestows good health, financial prosperity, position, prestige and high honors. It works quietly to the native’s advantage and protects him from jealousies and rivalries and also the plots which are hatched by his enemies. It is good for promoting sound sleep and gives happiness, good & jovial mood, and strength and energies to the wearers.

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