10 Interesting Facts About Agate Gemstone

Bright colored agates have won the minds of the people across the world. This ancient gemstone has been used since prehistoric ages. Its appearance is so overwhelming that people continue to use it in various forms of jewelry. Each of these easily available gems is unique, as you will never find two agates to share the same looks even if taken from the same specimen. The cavities of ancient volcanic rocks are where agates develop. Belonging to the family of chalcedony, agate is reputed for being the only banded form in the family. Like every gemstone, agate too has its share of interesting facts and myths revolving around it. Let us take a look at 10 of them.

1) Agate earns its name from the River Achates in Sicily, where it was said to be originally found. The river is now called Drillo River but it owns the credit of giving the famous gemstone its name.

2) There are evidences to prove that these gemstones were in use as back as 20000 BC to 16000 BC. Historical evidences point out that the Stone Age men of Western Europe used the gemstone. Records show that in 400 BC, the gemstone was used by Greeks to make jewelry and beads.

3) Being an ancient gemstone and thanks to its hardness and colorful appearance, it was one amongst the first materials familiar to mankind. In the ancient days, it was believed that wearing agates made the wearer friendly, truthful and persuasive. In short, it was considered to broaden the perspective of life.

4) In Persian culture, the gemstone was considered effective in preventing storms. It was believed to relieve the wearer from thirst. Various cultures across the world considered agate to be a gemstone that was protective.

5) Agate is associated with certain curative properties as well. It is said to be effective for insomnia, allergies, skin diseases, stress and a lot more.

6) Agate bowls were very famous in the past. Mithradates, the king of Pontus has treasured three thousand bowls made of agate gemstones. Even today, some of the collections of agate bowls by royal families are on display in the museums of European countries.

7) Sumerians own the credit of using agates in the making of seals, beads and other jewelry forms.

8) In the ancient times, Arabs and Persians set agate on their finger rings. These agates carried carvings of Koran verse or some symbolic figure, which the people believed would save them from hazards.

9) Agates seem to have some specific significance associated with the 12th and 14th wedding anniversaries. They are gifted to couples who celebrate the completion of 12 or 14 years of wedded life.

10) Agates of different colors seem to have association with various physical and mental properties. Every color of agate has certain features and hence those who wear agate, look out for the appropriate color to address their needs. This gemstone is considered to be a great gemstone for conditions related to pregnancy and it is said to protect the mother and the child.

Agates are said to possess various properties. Just like their appearance appeals to the senses, their qualities appeal to the minds. It is hence no wonder that the popularity of agate is growing steadily with each day.

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

“A diamond or not” may be the topmost question in the minds of many when they plan to get engaged. ‘Diamond is expensive but why not? For love is priceless’ is the sentiment that outweighs the minds of those who go for a diamond engagement ring. If you belong to such a category, you probably don’t want to read any further. But if you are aiming at something that looks like a diamond or something else, that looks great and is the perfect choice for you to convey your message; you may want to know more about cubic zirconia engagement rings.

What Is Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring?

Considered an alternative to diamond, cubic zirconia is a gemstone that is lab-created. It is actually zirconium oxide in a cubic shape. Cubic zirconia was successfully created in the 1930’s though efforts were on to create them since 1892. It was introduced in the jewelry market during the 1970’s and ever since the time of its introduction, cubic Zirconia, popularly referred to as CZ, was considered a stunning alternate to diamond. Cubic zirconia engagement rings are very popular.

Why are CZ Engagement Rings so Popular?

To the untrained eye, these synthetic gemstones cannot be told apart from diamonds. The stones are flawless and radiant. They do not have inclusions and hence the display of brilliance without any distraction is marvelous. CZ stones are available in a wide range of colors as well as shapes. Apart from the traditional gemstone cuts, you can get princess cut CZ, a round brilliant solitaire, or any other popular cuts of your choice. CZ rings are durable. The light dispersion of cubic zirconia is higher. Hence, the stone reflects more color and has a more vibrant shine as compared to diamonds. Being highly affordable, they are becoming a popular choice as engagement rings.

Diamond and Cubic Zirconia

While it may not be a fair act to compare diamond and cubic zirconia as the former is from a natural source while the latter is lab-created, it is just an attempt to understand cubic zirconia better. CZ produces a dramatic effect very much like diamond and hence it is hard for the naked eye to tell these two stones apart. Unlike diamonds, you will not find any inclusions in cubic zirconia. Being lab-created, they have superior clarity. If you were to go for an emerald cut, the quality of CZ will enhance further.

Cubic zirconia shares the brilliance of diamond but not its hardness. CZ is susceptible to scratches and cracks unlike diamonds. A Diamond also weighs lighter than cubic zirconia. As far as the pricing is concerned, it goes without saying that diamonds are expensive.

Facts to Consider While Buying Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

As you settle down to buy CZ engagement ring, you need to know what to look for before you purchase. Like diamonds, CZ stones are evaluated based on the four C’s. White cubic zirconia stones look very much like diamonds and they do not have any irregularities of color. Colored stones, on the other hand, have color irregularities.

You need to look for the cut as it helps you to gauge the value of the stone. CZ stones of superior quality refract mainly white light. If the stone refracts a more colored light, the quality of the stone is inferior.

If you are impressed by a colored cubic Zirconia engagement ring, you can evaluate its worth by its color. If it is of superior quality, you will find it to have an even and unique color. The rarer the color is the higher is the price.

The Ultimate Conqueror

Whatever your idea may be about diamonds or cubic zirconia in place of diamond for the engagement ring, the ultimate conqueror is the love that exists between you and your life partner. If you are happy with presenting a cubic Zirconia engagement ring, make it open and go for the best CZ engagement ring. Happiness lies not in the diamonds; it is in the heart. And if your heart reaches out for CZ ring, you need to be sure that the choice you have made is right.

Neil Lane Engagement Rings

Neil Lane engagement rings are stealing the show of late, as they are the favorite choice of Hollywood celebrities. Neil Lane, the jewelry designer from Brooklyn, now settled in Los Angeles, has won the hearts of many leading personalities with his stunning designs. He has achieved various milestones in the jewelry world including his famous association with DeBeers. Being a trendsetter, he introduced to the American market the famous rough-cut diamond sautoirs. Vintage European diamond cuts were reintroduced by him. No wonder Neil Lane engagement rings have become a hit in the bridal market.

Uniqueness Of Neil Lane Engagement Ring

Neil Lane engagement rings are uniquely designed. These designer wear engagement rings are created to suit your taste and your budget. One of the interesting features of Neil Lane engagement rings is that they are handmade and not mass-produced by machines. Since experts are involved in the making of the rings, every ring is unique with its own style. The handcrafted intricate designs add vintage look to the ring making it more valuable. The beautifully set diamonds enhance the quality of the ring. Since you can customize the ring the way you want, you can have your pick from vintage, classic and contemporary designs and have one of the best creations for the woman in your life. The metals most commonly used in the making of these rings include platinum, titanium, pure gold, white gold and silver.

How To Buy Neil Lane Engagement Ring?

While buying Neil Lane engagement ring, take into account the following factors:

Have A Budget Fixed: Considering the high prices of Neil Lane engagement rings, you may want to have your budget fixed before you start looking for the ring. With a budget in mind, you will be able to narrow down your choices and choose the one that best fits the budget size as well.

Metal Matters: If you are planning for a customized ring, choose your metal setting based on your budget. If you were concerned about the durability of the ring, platinum would be the right choice. If you are on a limited budget, gold setting will be fine. Whatever the metal, you are sure to have the best ring, as it is a Neil Lane engagement ring.

The Inevitable Four C’s: Like in any diamond that you purchase, you need to look for the four C’s while buying this ring. Ask the seller for the details of the diamond in the ring you are about to purchase.

Mind Matters The Most: There can be no doubt that the woman in your life is going to love the Neil Lane engagement ring. However, since the investment is high, you need to make doubly sure that she likes the design you have chosen. If you want to ensure that you give her what she likes, it may be better if both of you shop together for the Neil Lane ring for the engagement. If you want to surprise her, take into account her tastes before you decide so that the surprise is pleasant producing the desired effect.

The Perfect Match

Since it is your engagement, you cannot afford to make a mistake. If you opt for a Neil Lane engagement ring, you rule out the possibility of errors. Since skillful designers are employed in the making of these rings, you will not be able to spot any fault in the rings. Be it the quality of the metal or the quality of workmanship, you will find that the Neil Lane uses the best in the production. The designs being unique and made exclusively for you, it is not possible for you to find any other Neil Lane ring sharing the same features. The ring is, truly yours.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

‘A rose is a rose by any other name’ says a famous proverb. Rose is associated with beauty and it is considered a symbol to express profound love. No wonder rose gold engagement rings are gaining popularity these days. Until recently, gold, platinum and diamond were the most popular choices for engagement rings. Now, the trend seems to have changed and the preference to break away from tradition and customize their special day seems to be the most dominant factor in determining the engagement ring. Your engagement ring is not to represent your status but it has to reflect your feeling and it has to be your expression of love rather than a mere fashion statement. What other choice can you have that could surpass a rose gold engagement ring, which makes your day perfect with its dazzling color? And of course a stronger feminine appeal would make for that great look on the woman of your life.

What Is Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

If you are wondering what rose gold is, proceed with the reading and you might want to end up buying rose gold engagement ring for your fiancé. Gold is one of the precious metals used in the making of jewelry. However, pure gold being very soft, it is always used with other metals in jewelry making. Such metals used in combination are alloys. The color tones in gold jewelry are the result of the combination of various alloys. The color acquired when copper and gold combine is rose gold. A break from conventional rings but rose gold has become an increasingly popular choice thanks to the unique color in gold.

Rose gold can be made in 9ct, 14ct and 18ct. Depending on the level of gold content in the ring, the color varies from pale pinkish to red. Hence, you will find that in 18ct, the color is richer than in 9ct. So is the durability of 18ct rose gold. It is the most favored choice for making engagement rings.

Why Rose Gold Ring Might Be A Great Choice?

You may say it with flowers or you may say it with your looks – love has its own definition and it is beyond words and action. Your engagement ring is not only to signal the arrival of forthcoming wedding, it is also a way you attempt to express your love. While neither words nor material can be a perfect translation of your love for the woman you are going to pair with for the rest of your life, you make an earnest attempt to make her happy with your choice; rose gold rings fits the bill perfectly well. Rose stands for romance and what other perfect time could you find. Irrespective of the varying shades, the color in itself symbolizes love and affection. Hence, it is becoming a hot favorite.

Popular Styles Of Rose Gold Engagement Ring

You are never want of choice if you were to choose rose gold for your engagement. The color blends well with various designs and hence it sets perfectly on every pattern you conceive in your imagination. Here are some popular styles.

Vintage Style

Old is gold and so are the styles of the past. By choosing vintage style engagement rings, you can have the best of both worlds. When you have rose gold on the timeless vintage designs, you are sure to produce magic. It is a natural choice of anyone who loves to retain traditional look while going trendy.

Two Toned Ring

Yet another choice if you want to have a dash of traditional look in your wedding ring. With diamonds studded in the ring, you can highlight the tones and make a stunning presentation.

Celtic Style

An antique style again that renders charm. You can customize it the way you want and the interwoven knots will blend to give room to every idea of yours. While the knots themselves are attractive, with the right choice of other precious stones, you can make your celtic style rose gold engagement ring unique.

Gem Stone Studded Rose Gold Ring

Go all out and let your imagination run loose. Pick the gemstone of your choice to replace the conventional diamond in the engagement ring. Aquamarine, ruby, emerald and sapphire match perfectly well with a rose gold ring. Based on the budget, you may accentuate the looks of the ring with small diamonds studded around the gemstone.

Simple, Yet Stunning

A very simple and popular design that looks stunning is the normal ring with one large or medium sized diamond studded in it. The plain design in rose gold is fascinating and with diamond setting, it looks marvelous. The design is simple but the message it conveys is special.

Facts to Consider While Buying a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

  • If you are more inclined towards buying deeper rose shade, 14 carats rose gold can be the right choice.
  • If you are keen to have more gold, you need to go for 18 carats rose gold as it has 75% gold and 25% copper.
  • Depending on the budget, you can make your choice of style. Simple styles do not pinch your pocket much.
  • If you were to have precious stones in your rose gold ring, you have to shell out some good amount of money. Weight of the rose gold ring is also taken into account while determining the rate.
  • For a fashionable and trendy ring, you may opt for rose gold rings with gemstones.
  • You have a great scope for customizing your ring as you can choose the size and shape of the precious stone and the design as well.
  • While the finger size is important when you buy a ring, you need to have accurate measurements of the finger if you were looking for customized design. With a perfect fit, the rings become much more special.

A Perfect Choice for the Perfect Pair

Rose gold engagement ring is gaining center stage. Out of the many types of rings, some rings stand the test of time to remain in vogue like the Edwardian engagement rings. It may not be appropriate to make a comparative study of these two types of engagement rings, as both are exclusive and belong to different territories. Ensure that you are comfortable and happy with your choice. It is for your partner and you will want the ring to last forever as your love will.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

There are times in life when you settle for the second best and still have nothing to repent for the decision. In fact, such ‘second bests’ may impress you to the point that you might end up accepting that it was the best choice you ever made, of course, other than choosing your life partner. This can be a precise situation when you opt for moissanite engagement ring instead of diamond engagement ring to make your love a lifetime commitment. Moissanite is the look-alike of diamond and hence this ring is a very popular option with those planning an engagement. Though it is considered a look-alike of diamond, some of its features outshine diamond and you may not want it to be called the second best.

What Is Moissanite?

Silicone carbide – this is the chemical name of the unique gemstone. A rare gem with its sources almost depleted, moissanite is a feast to your eyes. Sharing various qualities of diamond, the gem, which was discovered first in the year 1893, has since been one of the most sought after gemstones. The gem was discovered by Henri Moissan after whom it was named. The scientist was researching the meteor samples in Arizona when he chanced upon this rare gemstone and he thought that he had unearthed a diamond. It was only after testing the stone in the lab it was found to be a new gemstone and not diamond.

A few more of these stones were spotted in Russian mines. Moissanites, which were discovered so far, have been found in extreme conditions such as meteorites and upper mantle rocks. Since the sources were very scarce, efforts to create the stones in the lab were started in 1990s. The year 1995 saw moissanite beginning to play a major role in making of jewelry. As it shares similarity with a diamond, jewelers considered the gemstone to be an amazing substitution for diamonds.

How Does Moissanite Fare When Compared to a Diamond?

Much contrary to public opinion, the properties of moissanite are superior when compared to diamond. The 4 C’s, which are essential in evaluating the quality of gemstone, are of higher grade in moissanite than in diamonds. While a diamond is harder, moissanite is more heat resistant. Hence, it allows jewelers to create stunning designs. Here are some quick statistics.

  Diamond Moissanite
Brilliance 2.42 2.65
Fire .044 .104
Hardness 10 9.25
Weight 3.53 g/cm3 3.21 g/cm3
Heat Resistance Up to 800 °C Up to 1800 °C
Double Refraction No Yes


Can Moissanite Be Termed ‘Fake Diamonds’?

Moissanite is a mineral that occurs naturally and looks like diamond. It would be most improper to call it a fake diamond. The source of the mineral being scarce, scientists started lab creating it and they were not trying to create fake diamonds. Just as topaz is not a fake of yellow sapphire and a pink tourmaline a fake pink sapphire, moissanite is not a fake diamond. Hence, rest assured that you are not buying a fake diamond for your engagement but you are buying moissanite engagement ring that is unique and more brilliant than diamond.

Why Moissanite Engagement Rings Are The Right Choice?

  • Moissanite engagement rings cost much less than diamond engagement rings.
  • They are more radiant and their sparkling brilliance is beyond comparison. Brighter and lustrous than diamond, they never fail to captivate your attention.
  • Being more resistant to heat, you can find intricate and stunning designs in moissanite stones.
  • Moissanites are lab-created and hence they are nearly flawless.
  • Moissanites are hard and they are highly resistant to abrasion and scratching.
  • Since you spend lesser amount on the stone by choosing moissanite, you can make your settings richer. The beauty of the engagement ring lies in its setting. You can play with the designs, choose quality side stones and accentuate the beauty of the center stone.

Have a Great Start with Moissanite

The values of life cannot be judged by money’s worth. True happiness does not lie in money and neither can it be acquired by money. Moissanites may be much cheaper than diamonds cost wise but the value it offers is more. If you are the type that judges happiness by sentiments rather than money, moissanite engagement ring is the right choice for you.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

One of the most interesting shopping experiences awaits you if you are planning to buy an engagement ring for the love of your life. It can be a challenging experience as well, as you need to buy the right ring that is perfect in every way, right from the size of the finger to the size of the budget, loved by the woman who has to wear it and provide you your money’s worth. The jewelry market offers you a stunning range of collections and if you are so overwhelmed that you are unable to choose, ask for a three stone engagement ring and then, you will not look beyond.

What Are Three Stone Engagement Rings?

Three Stone engagement ring is popularly referred to as the trilogy of diamonds. Usually made of 3 diamonds, these stones have different combinations as well. Some prefer to go for all diamonds while some love to have diamonds on either side with the center stone in ruby or any other gemstone. Mostly, the center stones are larger than the stones on their side. The setting of the stone provides you with various possibilities and all are impressive. You can have all three stones in the same cut or you could get creative and have three different cuts for the Three Stones thereby making the ring unique. A popular choice is to have the center diamond in round shape and the other two stones in pear shape.

Why is the Three Stone Engagement Ring Unique?

Three stone engagement rings give you a great scope to make it exclusive and you can also customize it the way you love. It allows using traditional and modern setting. You can have a mix of tradition and trendy style to let the ring dazzle. From the four C’s you would want to look for in the diamonds to the metal setting of the ring, you have room to play with your imagination. You may opt for same cut and color or go for a contrast that complement each other and accentuate the appeal of the ring. If you fancy more than a shape or two for your stones, a three stone engagement ring is the right choice for you. With stunning design, you can make your Three Stone engagement ring unique from every angle.

Above all, the Three Stone engagement ring has a special meaning. The ring is a symbol that stands for the past, present and future of your relationship. It not only blends Three Stones but it is a blend of your love life-the past, present and future. The stone at the center represents the present while the stones on either sides represent the past and future.

How to Buy Three Stone Engagement Ring?

  • Have a budget on mind as you step out to purchase a Three Stone engagement ring. Having a budget based on the forthcoming commitments will help you make the perfect choice.
  • Decide on the stones that you like to have in your Three Stone engagement ring. If you prefer to go all diamonds, make your choice based on the inevitable four C’s in diamond, the cut, color, clarity and carat weight.
  • The cut of the diamond at the center impacts on the overall appearance of the ring. Hence, spare no efforts while making your choice.
  • Diamond color needs special consideration while buying a Three Stone engagement ring. Let all your diamonds is of the same grade. You may go for a difference of one grade between the three diamonds and not more. Since the diamonds are closely set, higher grade difference will be obvious and may not look as appealing.
  • Have a perfect design to match the diamonds. Your choice of setting should go with the shapes of the stones. If you are not on a tight budget, you may want to make your ring more dazzling with accent stones.
  • While choosing the metal for your ring, ensure that the metal does not steal some of the lime light. Yellow gold does precisely that and hence it would do best to avoid it. White gold and platinum will be a great choice.

The Ultimate Choice

You would not want to settle for the second best when it comes to buying engagement ring for the special day. Sure, you would be looking for something unique and with meaning. Your choice naturally can only be Three Stone engagement ring as it is the ultimate choice that symbolizes your love life.

Split Shank Engagement Rings

You might have decided the moment you saw her that she is to be your partner for life. May be you did not take much time since you knew instantly that she is the right choice. However, when you start looking around for engagement ring, you may find things getting tougher. Nothing might seem good enough for her; maybe you did not set your eyes upon a split shank engagement ring.

What Is Split Shank Engagement Ring?

The bands in a split shank ring split open to form a thicker base to surround the central diamonds. The central diamond will be slightly bigger than the space between the split bands. However, split shank rings do not necessarily contain a split. The bands in some of these rings expand to form a ‘V’ shape on both sides so that central diamond can be set. The design of the ring allows you to get creative with the setting of diamonds.

Uniqueness of Split Shank Engagement Rings

Split shank engagement rings are awesome. Only the best go on forever even when trends change frequently. This is precisely why split shank rings are famous. The eternal appeal of the ring draws your attention instantly only to retain it for life. The rings represent individuality, which is evident in all its styles. You have endless choices to make them more exclusive. You can have a larger split thus bringing the central diamond closer to the finger making the skin a background for the stone. Alternately, you can have a narrow split and a bigger diamond at the center. You can have more than two segments and these multi section rings look stunning with small diamond setting on them. The rings allow customization and hence you can never refer to a particular design in split shank as the ultimate design.

Why Split Shank Engagement Ring Is Right For You?

It is a special occasion and you naturally want the best. The setting of a split shank engagement ring is unique. With a sizeable budget, you can have pave-set diamonds studded on the shanks that surround the central diamond. The setting looks brilliant and highly personalized. The central diamond is secured thanks to the smaller diamonds that surround it. The ring looks elegant and feminine and you are right if you assumed that the woman in your life would love it. As the rings allows for customization, you can play around with the designs. You can opt for a round central diamond set in a square halo. You can have twisted shanks, which look amazing by itself. You are sure to find in a split shank engagement ring the best possible way to say it with love.

Factors to Consider While Buying Split Shank Engagement Rings

  • It is quite an investment and above all, it is meant for the special day. Ensure that you consider the following before you make your purchase.
  • Since the settings and styles are many in split shank engagement rings, you need to consider the style that would best suit the person and her taste. They style of the ring complements various shapes of diamonds such as round diamonds, cushion cut diamonds and princess diamonds.
  • The setting needs attention not only for the design but for the budget as well. If you go for a platinum setting, the price will be on the higher side.
  • Most of the styles in split shank engagement rings may not pair well with wedding bands. Hence, take time to assess if the style would match your wedding ring.

Express Your Sentiment In Style

The aesthetic designs of split shank engagement rings make them special. The price depends on the type of setting you choose. Delicate settings with dazzling diamonds might cost you more; but considering the worth and the endless joy it stands proof for, don’t you feel that you are receiving more than your money’s worth?

Halo Engagement Rings

The moment you hear the word ‘Halo’, your mind races to the psychological effect it can produce. Associated with holiness as well as used to refer to the circle of light around the celestial bodies such as the sun and moon, the idea of seeking halo engagement ring for your partner cannot be more appealing. The effect indeed is special and naturally so, as it is for the woman you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

What Is Halo Engagement Ring?

A ring, which has its center stone encircled by smaller diamonds is called halo ring. The halo circle of diamonds accentuates the attraction of the center stone. A well-defined halo enhances the brilliance of the center stone and draws your attention to it instantly. Halo engagement rings have been in vogue since the 1920s. While diamonds are the most often-used center stones in halo ring setting, other popular gemstones used include ruby, sapphire and jade. You can have the shape you want for the diamond including round cut, pear cut and cushion cut. The settings improve the visual appearance and make the center stone appear bigger and more brilliant.

Types of Halo Engagement Rings

While the styles of halo engagement rings are many, they can be broadly classified as two types; in one type, the stone sits flush with the halo without any gap in between and the other type encircles the center stone with a separation between the halo and the diamond at the center. The ring with space between center stone and halo is referred to as a floating halo.

As far as the designs are concerned, halo engagement rings can be created in stunning styles. To provide the halo appeal, inner prongs are designed in such a way that they hold the center stone. Yet another method is to cut and groove the diamonds so that they fit in the setting. You can get creative with the designs and make yours amazingly unique. Some prefer to have a floating halo while some have their center stone above the halo, which is referred to as the high set halo.

How to Get the Unique Effect in Your Ring?

If you are looking to buy a halo engagement ring, you might want to consider the following factors.

  • Check for the quality of the diamond, as it is the most important factor that creates the magic. To enhance its aesthetic appeal, you need to ensure that the diamonds are cut and set to precision.
  • The center stone and the diamonds around should match in all aspects, be it color or clarity. An improper setting will result in the light not flowing well enough to enhance the brilliance of the ring.
  • The diamonds in the setting should blend so that they highlight the beauty of the center stone.
  • If you are willing to dig deep, you can have your halo engagement ring without it being cut and grooved to set the halo. With no inner prongs, the diamonds sparkle and you know you have made a great choice.
  • Try various combinations until you feel that you have the winning design. Try out different stone combinations and halo. A round diamond as the center stone with oval frame or an oval shaped center stone with a square frame and so on. Consider different gemstones and if you can fix a perfect mix and match, you have a deal there.

The Most Popular Settings of Halo Engagement Rings

The most popular settings are prong, bezel and micro pave settings. Apart from the diamond shapes, many shapes are being designed in the making of halo engagement rings including cushion, emerald and princess. Antique setting is all time favorite as in antique setting halo rings look gorgeous. Yet another popular style used in halo engagement rings is the split shank. It looks stunning and it allows you the space to make the best halo ring ever.

Many celebrities favor halo engagement rings over other rings. Lady Diana, the most photographed woman in the world, chose halo ring when she was engaged to marry Prince Charles. Considering the classic taste she possessed and demonstrated during her life, her choice of the halo engagement ring says it all about the ring’s mesmerizing effect.

Edwardian Engagement Rings

Fashion lovers fondly recall the Edwardian era, as fashion was among the predominant values in the society at that time. The influences of European countries were evident in the styles people followed during this period. Jewelry fashion reached new heights during the Edwardian era though the trendsetter was the Victorian era. Edwardian jewelry has a magical spell with diamond and platinum being the most popular stones used in the making of jewelry. An Edwardian engagement ring is a fine specimen showcasing the intricate designs involved in jewelry making.

Edwardian Engagement Rings – A Brief History

These rings became popular during King Edward the Seventh’s rule. Influenced by tradition and reflecting romance and social status, the rings were the most sought after pieces of jewelry during the Edwardian era. Emanating exuberance, the classic rings mostly had imageries of flowers, hearts, vines and birds. Filigree patterns were the most commonly used styles in the making of rings. Amongst the popular metals during this period, a yellow gold ring was considered the rarest of the engagement rings of the era.

The Magic Of Edwardian Engagement Rings

Strong resemblance to traditional styles and intricate designs are the hallmarks of the Edwardian engagement rings. Detailed lattice pattern designs in the rings make them very attractive. And because these rings were very delicately designed were not worn with other rings. However, the trend has changed now, as modern Edwardian rings are designed to compliment other rings that are worn with them.

Platinum was more commonly used in the making of Edwardian engagement rings in the past. Sapphires were preferred over diamonds as main gemstone and diamonds were side stones. Engagement rings with platinum were a fashion statement during Edwardian era. It was owing to its density that made intricate designs possible in engagement rings.

Uniqueness of Edwardian Engagement Rings

It is obvious that the most special feature of Edwardian engagement rings is the intricate patterns. The modern cuts of diamonds are basically classified as brilliant cut, step cut and mixed cut. The antique rings of Edwardian period had mine cut, which is popularly referred to as European cut. Modern cutters choose from the current styles and the choice of cut depends on the type of diamond.

The impact of Edwardian era, which was from 1901 to 1915, can still be felt in the jewelry. The jewelry reflected femininity and platinum was used to make sophisticated designs. With the invention of the oxyacetylene torch, jewelry makers created awe-inspiring patterns.


Popular Styles Of Edwardian Engagement Rings

Edwardian engagement rings offer you a wide range of choice. The styles are unique and you can customize them the way you like. Here are some popular styles favored by most.

Platinum Aquamarine Edwardian Engagement Ring

The full-cut diamonds and brilliant aquamarine add beauty to the lovely engagement ring. With amazing clarity and stunning color, the ring is a winner all the way.

Round Diamond Edwardian Vintage Ribbon Design

This classic design commands your attention. The ribbon design in itself is elegant and the diamonds on either side add a stunning appeal to the engagement ring. It is an undisputable choice for the day of your life.

Edwardian Platinum Engagement Ring

This is a classic example of detailed designs. The intricate designs of flowers and leaves keep you spellbound. The big round diamond at the center and the small diamonds in the designs make the ring rank amongst the top.

Round Diamond White Gold Vintage Edwardian Design

An excellent choice if you love details in your jewelry. The hand engraved ring is beyond description with four diamonds on either side of the ring. The fabulous design is incomparable.

Edwardian Crown Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The design highlights the royal touch to the ring. The vintage design gives you endless possibilities in arranging the diamonds be it on the center or around.

Facts To Consider While Buying Edwardian Engagement Rings

Here are a few quick pointers for you to consider if you were looking to buy this fabulous engagement ring.

  • Since the two major components involved in the making of Edwardian engagement rings are diamond and gold, you need to have a clear idea on the budget. The costlier the metal and gemstone, higher is the price.
  • These rings are famous for their intricate designs and styles. If you are going on a tight budget, choose simpler designs. However, with Edwardian rings, even the simplest of designs are gorgeous.
  • Before making your purchase, you need to do some thorough research on the product. Being antique, they are priced higher and hence, you need to confirm the genuinity of the ring. Look for details in the rings.
  • Learn about the seller. The investment involved is higher and the occasion is greater. You would not want a fake on your finger. Make your purchase from a seller of repute. The best suggestion would be to go for antique shops.
  • If your Edwardian engagement ring is studded with diamonds, you need to consider the four Cs, which is the basic rule before you buy diamond. The cut, clarity, color and carats help to determine if the price you are charged with is reasonable or not.
  • If the original Edwardian engagement ring does not fit your budget, you can have it customized to suit your needs and your wallet. However, you must ensure that the woman of your dreams loves the customized one too. 
  • While buying the engagement ring, choose your gemstone for the ring before you select the settings. This would ensure that the setting highlights the qualities of the gemstone.
  • No matter how much you may want to surprise your partner, it is not advisable to make a purchase without the finger size. You need to have the accurate size to buy the right fit. It would do well to remember that not all settings allow resizing.

Make It Special For The Special Woman

By opting for the Edwardian engagement ring, you are definitely in the right direction. The designs are influentially feminine and the patterns are stunning. The occasion being special, you cannot afford to overlook even the minutest of details. With sufficient knowledge on the ring, you’ll know if you have won the deal. To win over the woman of your life, this isn’t asking for too much, I presume.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

Are you looking for an engagement ring to say it in style? It is one of the best moments in your life and you definitely want to make it memorable by choosing a unique and gorgeous engagement ring. Considering the endless choices available in the market, you may conclude that selecting an engagement ring can indeed be a tough task. One look at art deco engagement rings and you will decide that choosing an engagement ring is not a difficult task after all.

What Are Art Deco Engagement Rings?

Art deco refers to the period between 1925 and 1939 which was influential in introducing fresh ideas in various fields including architecture, textiles and furniture and of course jewelry. The styles introduced during the era are so excellent that they never fail to enthrall you. Using geometric shapes and symmetry were common during this period. Art deco rings reflect the influences of the period with their stones in geometric shapes and symmetrical designs. The rings are antique, but they also blend with contemporary designs and thus produce styles that match the fashion needs of the current world. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds were the most popular stones used in the setting of these rings. Intricate filigree designs make these rings a cut above the rest.

In the past, hand engraved inscriptions were seen on the rings, the ring shank bore inscriptions, which were usually the engagement date or the birth date of the owner of the ring.

Uniqueness of Art Deco Engagement Ring

The designs of art deco engagement rings include Geometric, Oriental and Egyptian. You will be awe inspired by the shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and rectangles blend in to add beauty to the designs.

The strong colors are the specialty of these rings. With stunning color contrast, the rings stand out to prove that they are more than the money’s worth. Art deco engagement rings are mostly found in white gold and yellow gold. Platinum is yet another popular choice.

Art deco engagement rings are bigger in size than most of the standard rings owing to the filigree work. Since the rings represent an era, their uniqueness increases multifold and so does their worth.

The settings need a special mention. Gemstones cut in emerald; princess and baguette accentuate the beauty of the ring (types of diamond cuts). While diamonds are the most favorite choice for center stone, other stones are often used and include quartz and pearls.

Facts to Consider While Buying An Art Deco Engagement Ring

  • The most attractive feature of art deco engagement rings is its antiquity. Hence, while making your purchase you must ensure that you do not pay for a fake. You may want to check the cut of the diamonds. Antique rings diamonds were cut in ancient European style. Fake rings have more modern, round cut diamonds.
  • It would be best to make your purchase from a seller of repute and one who has knowledge in what he deals. You need to have the information related to the ring to make sure that you are not buying vintage art deco engagement rings, which belong to the period after 1970.
  • Original art deco engagement rings are expensive unlike the vintage rings. The investment is heavy but the results are stunning. If you find that antique rings are on the outer limit of your budget, you may customize your ring by designing it in the shapes of art deco engagement rings and make a mix and match with stones that look amazing without pinching your pocket much.

Say It in Style; Say It with Grace

Certain moments in life are worth the best treatment, even if it means that you need to dig deep into your pocket. A few hundred dollars more may hit your wallet hard but the music these rings bring to your ears is beyond comparison. It is for the woman who is going to be a part of your life forever and you would not hesitate to give her the best gift on the engagement day, right?

Camo Wedding Rings

Camouflage rings, popularly known as camo rings, are showing off in style contrary to what their names suggest. Camo rings represent and show to the world, your passion and your personality. These unique rings are named thus as they camouflage pattern throughout the ring or accentuate the looks of the ring with its decorative pattern.

Generally, tungsten carbide and cobalt are used in the making of camo rings. Other metals used include black ceramic, titanium, black zirconium and vitalium. The strong metals are scratch resistant and the rings made of these materials with camouflage patterns have become a hot favorite in the recent past.

While those in military were the first to choose these rings as their wedding rings, others followed suit inspired by the patterns and the colors. Originally, camo rings were dome shaped with camouflage patterns on tungsten. Later more styles were added to these collections and now you find a wide range of these rings in the market. Diamond studded camo rings are also very popular. They are stunningly beautiful and those who love blending tradition and latest trends seek diamond camo rings.

Patterns And Colors of Camo Rings

The patterns are broadly classified as woodland patterns and desert patterns, referred to as chocolate chip patterns. Camo rings are available in various colors. In the past, they were available only in military grey and green colors. Now, they are available in a wide range of colors including blue, pink, yellow, purple and many more. The most commonly found colors in woodland patterns include khaki, brown, green and black while various colors are available in desert patterns.

The patterns seen in camo rings are US Air Force and Navy patterns, Airman Battle uniform patterns and Universal camouflage patterns. Other colors are blend with these patterns to form a stunning range of the rings. Laser engraving is done on rings made of tungsten carbide with camo patterns which adds a classic touch to the ring, however laser engraved camo rings are present only in shades of grey.

Why Are Camo Wedding Rings Special?

Weddings these days are witnessing an interesting change in the form of wedding rings. Camo wedding rings are special in the United States as the rings share similarity with the military patterns of the country. A family with military history prefers camo rings to traditional diamond wedding rings. Considered by them to represent their strength of commitment to their nation and their family, they love to say it with this special ring. Yet another reason behind the growing popularity of camo wedding rings is the adventurous element in man. Daring to be different, people these days choose camo wedding rings as the rings for their special day. Those who love adventure and outdoor activities are attracted by the different colors and patterns available in these rings.

Camo Wedding Rings With Diamonds!

Diamond camo rings make great wedding rings for those who stick to the traditional practices but seek to have a mix of fashion. With the radiance of diamond adding value to the patterns of military uniform, camo rings with diamonds are elegant and exclusive.

The colors and designs in diamond camo rings are so attractive that these rings are preferred by men and women alike. Some of the colors available in this category include blue, green, pink, white, red and brown. The designs available are plenty. A big diamond set majestically on top of the camo ring draws your attention instantly. Camo rings with small diamond stones arranged in a pattern around the ring is yet another hot favorite of the couples about to enter wedlock.

Are Camo Wedding Rings Expensive?

Camo rings are inexpensive and the best alternate to traditional diamond and gold wedding rings. Not just because of the colors and patterns but also because of the meaning they represent. They last a lifetime and what better choice for a wedding that is supposed to last a lifetime?

Camo rings are not expensive unless you go for diamond camo rings. The cost of diamond camo rings is based on the color, clarity, cut and carat of the diamonds and hence the price range could vary. Smooth and lasting one’s lifetime, the camo diamond rings are the most sought after wedding rings these days.

For The Bride And The Groom

Not only as they enter into wedlock but also in their preference for camo rings, men and women share the same sentiment. Camo wedding rings come in a wide range of designs specially made to address the tastes of men and women. Camouflage rings are not only elegant and graceful; they reveal the adventurer in you. Apart from the outdoor touch to the camo rings, the stylish pattern of the rings and the diamonds added to them, make these rings a favorite choice. They get their diamonds and they get a sense of adventure wearing these beautifully patterned colorful rings. After all, a wedding has to be colorful and last your lifetime, right?

A Blend Of Dedication And Style

There is a definite air about these rings. It dares you to do away with the traditional wedding rings and flaunt your passion for the outdoor effect. Trendy with a mix of country, the rings never fail to tap your inner sense that longs for the wilderness. It is a representation of lasting love as it is designed with scratch-resistant metals that retain color and shape forever. Go for camo wedding rings to show off in style.

Does One’s Luck Change After Wearing A Gemstone?

The Rig Veda, which may be the oldest book compiled by man on the planet, has mentioned the term Ratna, in the first sloka, called mantra. The gems are such adored around the world that individuals of religions, languages and communities will always be enchanted through the marvellous utilities of these, down time.

Some questions that dog your brain are: Does wearing a gem remove afflictions of diseases from one’s life? Is the concept of wearing gems on person a religious process or could it be ordained by religions? Or could it be merely a social habit? Or could it be a manifestation of flaunting one’s riches? The objective of this information is to reply to each one of these questions, which naturally emerge within the mind of the educated person.

Irony is, the idea process on human afflictions and diseases in Ayurveda and Astrology is a lot profound and modern science will need to traverse long stages to equate that. Based on Ayurveda and Astrology, reasons for a persons ailments aren’t regarded as the bacteria alone, but additionally the results from the actions in one’s lifetime, which is sometimes called karma. It is stated how the sins acquired in the previous lifetime reappear throughout the present life in type of diseases, chronic wounds or misfortune. The ayurveda and astrology give credence to curse, boon, blessings, prayers, and wearing of gems or precious stones for their innate invisible power that is often well-acknowledged as divine actions. Hence, such prescriptions are recognised as remedies as, doing penance, mental or vocal repetition of mantras, rituals and rules, donations and pious activities throughout the lifetime. The tenets of those two disciplines are: If medicines through science might have cured all human afflictions then nobody would ever have died within the society, and man might have become immortal today. However, that isn’t the situation.

An earthen lamp can provide the sunshine whether it has oil, pot and also the wick. Similarly, a guy will live so long as his work throughout the lifetime ordains him the longevity. If his karma doesn’t five enough good effects towards the society his life wanes slowly. No quantity of medicines, mantras, yagna, chants can help to save him in the death or his senior years afflictions.

For that longevity of a guy is assigned by God, an Ayurvedacharya or perhaps a doctor cannot provide him that. It’s believed how the longevity originates from the field of God, along with a human can learn that only through studies from the planets.

When the planets give negative effects to some human, the medicines don’t act favourably upon him. The planets destroy the powerful qualities from the medicines. In this situation it is best that you ought to try to appease the planets first after which go for that medicinal therapies. The therapies would interest in three specific shastra ordained procedures, for example, Aasuri, Maanushi and Daibee chikitsa trividhamata, that tells all. The therapy through the shastras is known as Aasuri. The therapy by alchemy, chemical salts or astringent is known as Maanushi, which with the divine invocation and mantras is known as Daibee.

The divine therapy or Daibee Chikitsa includes such practices as reciting and having rely upon mantras, wearing medicinal talisman, wearing gems, doing welfare jobs within the offering oblation to fire, atonements, fasting, invocation of peace through religious process, offering regards and good wishes towards one’s elders, keeping respectful consideration about others, experiencing the pilgrimage, etc.

At that time whenever a disease starts manifestation, you ought to start a therapy if you take medicines. If that doesn’t work, he then should apply gemology or therapy by putting on gems or precious stones to please the concerned planets in order to apply the solar energies. Which after that when the situation warrants, he need the mantra therapy, which may be the topmost discipline for human ailments.

Based on Maharshi Shusruta, “An efficient Vaidya would always chant the blessings enshrined within the Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda or Atharva Veda, simultaneously, while administering the medicinal therapy. That eventually calms down the evil results of the condition.”

Varahamihira, who expounded the Astrology like a science, has explained within the chapter titles Ratna parikshadhhyayang in the magnum opus, when the good gems are worn the princes or any royal man would face blissful consequences, and when the gems are evil they would talk with evil consequences.

Based on the tenets from the Astrology, when the moon is housed between two evil planets and also the Ascendant Lord is housed within the sixth, eighth and also the twelfth houses then it is stated in Sanskrit as “saw yati yama mandiram” or even the native would die in a very early age. A youth had on his palm a black spot dotting upon his life and brain lines. He was prescribed Gemology. A diamond ring studded with protective gem was directed at him to put on, his life was saved. Suffering from the planets and stars many had arrived at me for gemology, having didn’t get relief through the medicinal therapies which in fact had stopped working upon them, and also the doctors had forsaken all about recovery. Almost all their therapies by medicines were dropped. We applied Mahamrityunjay mantra, by the grace of God some continue to be alive today, some got temporary relief before their death, contributing to 15 such cases weren’t cured whatsoever despite all applying mantras, daibee therapies, yagnas and ritualistic observations to please the Yama, the God of death. Will it imply that the tenets from the shastras counseled me wrong? No, not whatsoever. A rigorous study from the shastras would enlighten us that.

Based on shastras, the near future gets transformed into karma or action in everyday life, the inevitable future cannot transform whatsoever.

The stored karma is really the destiny of the human, the active karma dates back to become preserved for future years birth. It’s possible to turn ones destiny into a proficient reality, if he’s eager, strong in will. An undesirable fellow can use penance to demolish his undesirable karma of his previous birth. A childless could possibly get a young child by help of divine bliss and favor. A fellow having a cut-off lifeline may even attain longevity by help of religious oblations. Our shastras have many such anecdotes to provide within their pages.

Hence what is the destiny? That’s well explained through the Astrology. The way the destiny could be changed or taken off one condition to a different that’s explained by Karmakanda or Dharmashastra. When the Astrology or even the science of lines on palm is part one of human’s fate, the karmakanda is his later part. The data from the science of gems, or Gemology, will end up incomplete without learning what is the Karmakanda or Dharmashastra or even the process regarding how you can dispel the evil effects from the unfavorable planets.

If your human does not learn what his acquired destiny is, with the processes of Astrology, or science of planets, then all his arguments and industriousness arrived at a naught. If he involves know his destiny by these processes only he then could act and check out the choices to fix his destiny so far as practicable. His industriousness would turned out to be successful only then. Luck may be the seed in him, that is sprouted and flourished through the innate industriousness he’s. The fruit is delivered when. The data of times if the fruit is ripe already or otherwise is offered through the science of Astrology. An ideal utility of Astrology and Palmistry lies within the knowledge from the process whereby a human has the capacity to bring alterations in his luck by help of shastra-ordained processes. It becomes an invaluable divine heritage directed at human as his individual fulfillment.

Interesting Facts You Should Know About Opal

One of the most attractive gemstone in the world today is opal due to its rarity and appearance. For a person who wants a collection of gemstone, it could be one of those stones he/she is looking for. Others want to collect opal gemstones because of their healing practices; other even use them for meditation and other related activities.

The Colors Of Opal

This gemstone comes with many colors; red, white, pink, violet and blue. There are rare times that people can witness orange or brown opal gemstone. With its glassy surface, it comes rather small yet elegant in nature. Oftentimes, blue attracts more spectators than other because of its deep and infinity essence. When hit by sun light, a beautiful spectrum will reflect revealing the inner core of the gem itself.

Now, the rarest of them all is the black opal; have you heard about it? The name does not really mean the gem is really black. It suggests that this kind of opal has the darkest color among all others, thus, black. Some say that such opal is man-made. While it is true that there are black opals created by man, it is also true that there are natural black opals. Due to its rarity, it can even match the price of the diamond. In fact, one of the black opals with the best quality was found in New South Wales. Others were found in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Honduras and Peru. This is evident that naturally black opals exist, though rare.

The Composition of Opal

Naturally, opal is a mineral with low temperature which is often found near the crust of the earth. Most often, these gemstones can be found to be in the watery area. And true enough because one of the compositions of opal is water. Chemical composition can attest that it is a combination of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and water molecules, although water molecules can easily be taken out from the gemstone. Thus, it is not advisable to put it under direct heat or other chemicals since it becomes porous and can easily be broken.

The Metaphysical Beliefs on Opal

More often Opal is a symbolism of faithfulness, protection and loyalty which is believed to enhance one’s vision as well as creativity. Others even claim to have experience the presence of unseen beings when using the gemstone. Thus, other astrologers even look for more precious ones as they can offer high level of power.


Whatever others believe about opal, in modern world, it can be seen as a gemstone which possesses unequalled beauty. The fact is, an opal will cost much nowadays as they become rare and rare every year especially that most of the jewelers are collecting these kinds of stones. Therefore, should you have to choose what gemstone to use in any of your jewelries, choose the ones which can really provide some special values.

6 Reasons why wearing a pendant is more beneficial than a ring

A gemstone worn as a pendant always gives better result than a ring. There are six main reasons for that:


    1. In a ring, the gemstone which is generally highly expensive, meets natural wear and tear earlier than that in a pendant. Chances of getting scratched or broken is quite natural.
    2. A gemstone studded in a pendant that hangs above the naval region of the body always remains pure according to the Indian astrological tenets.
    3. A gemstone studded in a ring is more likely to come in contact with urine, excrement and food left-overs which, as result, destroy the consecrated power from the mantras.
    4. In a pendant, fixing a talisman or the combined gemstone is possible but not in a ring.
    5. If the gemstone is studded in a pendant and as the gemstone touches the skin naturally, while taking bath, the entire body gets somewhat a gem-bath every time, which is highly propitious for the native.
    6. The gemstone worn in the pendant remains mostly inside the dress and, therefore, remains in better confidence away from everyone’s notice, unlike the gemstone in a ring.

How to take care of pearls?

There is not a big precaution list to be followed in order to take care of pearls. But, still, there are some precautions which are important since great care must be taken while cleaning pearls.

  • Never clean pearls in an ultrasonic cleaner as it may damage the pearls and wash out the colour if pearls have been dyed.
  • Never clean with steam, strong detergents, bleaches, powdered cleansers, baking soda, or ammonia based cleaners.
  • Do not use toothbrushes, scouring pads, or abrasive materials to clean pearls.
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics, hair sprays and perfumes, since various chemicals present in them may destroy them.

How to judge if the stone is a color changing gemstone?

Alexandrite, sapphire, garnet, tourmaline, spinel, synthetic sapphire, glass etc. are some of the gemstones which display a change of color from daylight to lamplight.

To judge whether a stone is a color changing gemstone or not, one has to consider following things:

  • First and foremost, always keep the light source constant such as the daylight, non-fluorescent tube and a lamp.
  • The distance of the stone from the light source must be constant for both sources.
  • The stone to be examined must be kept on a white background with the table facet towards the light source and observed with light reflected off it.
  • If and only if there is a perceptible change of color from one source to the other, the stone can be considered as a color changing stone.
  • The percentage of change however can only be an approximate idea of whether it is 50% or 75% or 100% unless predetermined with a master graded set. This factor is the deciding factor for calculating the price.
  • The most important factor is that the stone is observed in reflected light and not transmitted light.
  • Some stones are so strongly pleochroic (some have a secondary reddish / brownish tint), that in lamplight the color change is magnified and enhanced and the stone appears to have a strong color change when in actual fact it is only slightly enhanced.
  • Colored inclusions such as orange-brown staining in fractures also tent to enhance the color of the stone.

These are some of the points that one should consider while examining a color changing gemstone, but it is always recommended to take the help of gemological instruments and lab.

How to separate diamond from its imitation?

Identifying any gemstone with naked eye or using 10x/20x loupe is very difficult. Even at certain level gemologists and traders fail to visually identify gemstone and take help of gemological instruments and labs. And when it comes in identifying diamond from its simulants (imitation) then the job gets more tougher.

Many gemstones imitates diamond. But there are mainly two (2) diamond-imitation which are heavily available in trade.

  1. Synthetic Cubic Zircon also known as “American Diamond”, “C.Z.” and some times “Zirconia”.
  2. Synthetic Mossanite

There are some other diamond simulants which are not necessary to be known from the trade point of view but it’s good to at least know their names.

  1. Synthetic Diamond i.e., lab-grown diamond
  2. Colorless Sapphire (also known as “white sapphire”)
  3. Man-made Glass
  4. Strontium Titanate
  5. Yttrium Aluminium Garnet
  6. Gadolinium Gallium Garnet
  7. Synthetic Rutile
  8. Zircon

Separating diamond from its two (2) popularly known simulants:

Separating “Diamond” from “American Diamond” with read through effect test: RBC (round brilliant cut) diamond when placed table down on written matter (a line or a point) and viewed from above the girdle (pavilion facets) will not exhibit a read through effect while American diamond will exhibit a read through effect. Note: A perfectly cut “American diamond” may not exhibit read through effect at certain times so this is not a confirmatory test for separating diamond from American diamond.

Separating “Diamond” from “Synthetic Mossanite” with doubling effect test: When stone is viewed carefully through kite facets towards culet; the culet of “synthetic mossanite” will appear dobule, this appearance of culet is known as doubling effect. Doubling effect is not seen in diamond so this is a confirmatory test for separating diamond from synthetic mossanite. It should also be kept in mind that doubling test can be performed for inclusions and facet edges. That is, inclusions and facet edges of synthetic mossanite will also appear “double” when seen very carefully through kite facet using 10x/20x loupe.

And if stone is in white color than one should not bother much about “doubling test” because synthetic mossanite far or less does not comes in white color. Generally it comes in shades of yellow. But for confirmatory test one should apply all possible test to identify gemstones.

In case of studded ornaments and jewelries it is better to get it verified by reputed gemological lab.