Famous Diamond Bracelets through History

Those who have a passion for jewelry are sure to love diamonds, which are the hardest of all known precious stones. Discovered 3000 years, diamonds still stay at the top owing to their never-diminishing beauty and exquisite qualities. Diamonds refract light, which is one among the important reasons they are considered valuable. Since the time they were discovered, diamonds have taken various forms but they have not lost their importance regardless of the forms they take.

They were considered protection against evil; they were considered to possess medicinal properties and they were associated with speedy recovery from medical conditions. While their beauty catches the fascination of the viewers, they are considered worthy investment owing to their monetary value. Diamond bracelets are very popular and they have been worn for a long time. They have a long history and let us have a look into some of the famous diamond bracelets in the history of diamonds.

1. Antique Diamond Bracelets

The most common and popular type of bracelets in the beginning of last century were antique diamond bracelets. The diamonds were arranged in a line and in a box shaped setting thus spacing them uniquely. While the concept remained unchanged for a while, new designs were formed using the same concept later.

2. Plaque Diamond Bracelets

Plaque diamond bracelets were introduced in the year 1915 and they remain popular until today. With the clasp hidden into the delicately designed pattern, the bracelet remains unaltered even if it spins around your wrist. Some more introductions in diamond bracelet collections followed plaque diamond bracelets concept.

3. Diamond Tennis Bracelets  

Diamond tennis bracelets enjoy great popularity amongst the jewel lovers. They were earlier called line bracelets, as the stones are set along the bracelet’s length in a line. They earned their present name in the year 1987, when the famous tennis player Chris Evert’s diamond line bracelet broke in the middle of the play, scattering diamonds all over the tennis court.

It is a great bracelet to gift to your special some-one. However, apart from buying diamond jewelry, there are many people who want to sell the jewelry they own for cash. They might be asking to themselves – how to sell my diamond online? But now, they don’t need to worry as there are many online buyers who are ready to pay top prices for their jewelry.

4. Diamond Bangle Bracelets  

Diamond bangle bracelets are versatile in their styles. Generally designed to adorn the hand alone, these bracelets could be larger. However, slimmer diamond bangle bracelets are also available so that they can be worn in bangle style with two or more on a hand. Diamond bangle bracelets make a perfect combination for any type of dress. They do not have a clasp and the size has to be chosen perfectly as the bangle size and shape remain the same with no room for adjustments. Just like the rule of any bangles, diamond bangle bracelets should be sufficiently large sized to be comfortably worn but small enough to ensure that they do not fall off the hand.

5. Diamond Charm Bracelets

Diamond charm bracelets are very popular owing to the qualities attached to them. Made of precious metal links, diamond charm bracelets are versatile as they allow various types of charms to be attached to the metal links. Anything from flower to images can be attached as charms. They could be further customized by using a single accent diamond of small size to many diamonds of small size. The facility makes the combination countless.

6. Diamond Shamballa Bracelets 

The more recent entry into the world of jewelry is Shamballa jewels and diamond Shamballa bracelets are gaining ground these days. Diamonds carry meaning and when they are used in Shamballa jewelry, the meaning gains depth. Shamballa is associated with spirituality and wearing Diamond Shamballa bracelets are sure to help in spiritual enlightenment and better understanding of life.

Diamonds are exclusive as they are rare, versatile and worthy of the money spent on them. The attractive precious stones can be decorated any way you prefer. You could customize them; have them arranged in double row or go for plaque bracelets, the famous types since 1915. Ensure that your choice is based on the four Cs that determine the grading of a diamond, namely clarity, carat, color and cut.


Significance and Designs of Cross Rings as Stylish Accessories

Crosses have long ceased to be companions of people of faith. Increasingly, this controversial symbol can be seen in clothes prints, fashion accessories, and jewelry. It’s amazing how the two intersecting lines attract the views and cause a lot of controversy about the relevance of their use in a casual look. If this religious symbol does not make you awkward, you can also benefit from its appeal when wearing a stylish cross ring.

Why We Wear Cross Jewelry

For many people, not only Christians, a cross is a distinctive mark of faith. It is worshiped by Catholics, Evangelicals, Protestants, and Orthodox. It was sacred to the Celts and Byzantines, the Teutons and Templars. It is still believed that it is a cross who protects its owner from evil forces and misfortune, from the moment a person was born and until death.

Today, cross jewelry helps create a non-trivial image and emphasize the individuality of those who are partial to it. Fashionistas are sure that when a person wears a cross a ring, it will let others know that he or she is a strong personality and is ready to deal with any problems.

Many consider a cross ring to be an amulet. They believe that crosses protect them and give strength. It is not known for sure whether cross jewelry has any protective properties, but everything is possible if you have faith in you.

Cross Ring Designs

Today it is a breeze to choose a cross ring for men in accordance with your preferences and the notion of the fashionable and beautiful. Although jewelers roll out many variations of this jewelry item every season, we tried to catalog some of the most popular styles of cross rings.

Latin Cross Rings

The most widespread and recognizable symbol is the Catholic cross which is also known as the Latin cross. This symbol is present in the rings in numerous forms and shapes, for instance, as a raised design soldered to a smooth wide band or as embossing on a signet. Such a piece can carry gems, often colorless or featuring a subtle hue to set off a cross. If this product has a sacred meaning to a person who wears it, the inner side of the shank may accommodate carved words of a prayer.

Iron Cross

This cross has nothing to do with religion. Even though the church became the initiator of numerous crusades that brought destruction and suffering, the main mission of religion is peace on earth. In contrast, the Iron Cross became the hallmark of military formations, mainly in Germany. It denoted the soldiers’ courage, valor, and fearlessness. In the 20th century, the Third Reich perverted its meaning by turning everyone who wears the Iron Cross into a Nazi.

During the Second World War, American soldiers picked up the awards of fallen enemies and took them as trophies. Upon returning to their homeland, they began to wear Iron crosses to demonstrate their aversion to the processes taking place in society and to emphasize that they are not like everyone else. Over time, the spirit of rebellion subsided but the Iron Cross remained immortalized in men’s jewelry as an element of protest and free-thinking. The Iron Cross is a running theme in biker rings since it was motorcyclists who came up with the idea of wearing Nazi awards as a gesture of disobedience. Now, a man with an Iron Cross ring on his finger wants to emphasize his independence, boldness, and a free spirit.

Celtic Cross Ring

The Celtic cross is an equal-beam cross with a circle in the center. The history of the cross originates in ancient times. Historians attribute pagan roots to it, although now it is a symbol of Celtic Christianity. The Celtic cross symbolizes the unity of the earth and air as well as the sun and water. Therefore, it is often called the “solar cross.”

The symbolism of the Celtic cross is expressed not only in the combination of two symbols, a circle and cross, but also in the fact that it is covered with Celtic patterns and runes resembling woven threads. These threads symbolize life itself, a strong bond among all living things, as well as the cyclical nature of the world.

A Celtic cross portrayed on a ring can become an excellent alternative to a Latin cross. Its image is more appealing, and the meaning is more complex. Besides, the Celtic knot ornaments carved inside the cross are an eye-catching decoration on its own.

10 Engagement Ring Cuts and Their Meaning

Choosing an engagement ring can be one of the most confusing choices of your life. If you’re the chooser picking one for your partner, then you’re up for an even bigger task. Although it can be tormenting, choosing a sparkler should be exciting instead. Diamonds are of course pricey, and this piece will be a long time financial and style investment. So, isn’t it important that you pick the right one? You can ensure this by trying different styles to see which ones you prefer the most and the least. Listed below are ten engagement ring cuts that we’ve gathered along with the personality element for each one. What does your favorite cut say about you?

1. The Rounded Cut

Looking for maximum bling on your finger twenty-four hours a day? Then the round ring cut is the perfect choice for you. This engagement ring cut is the most traditional amongst the lot and is great for girls that love classic romances. Women who always dreamed of the traditional wedding and follow the same will fall in love instantly with this cut. Distinguished by their specific shape and angle, this is overall a timeless ring cut. It is sported by a lot of prominent celebrities such as Mila Kunis and Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

2. The Princess Cut

The ultimate hopeless romantic of all the ring cuts, the princess cut is for all those edgy romantics out there. This ring is for all the girls out there who secretly have a soft spot for tradition but don’t admit that. The princess cut is a unique square shape that gives the right amount of chic and still has the bridal and exciting feeling attached to it. Worn by amazing celebs like Hilary Duff that show off this modern ring on the red carpet many times, this ring is the perfect “modern woman” piece. Like the Tanzanite Engagement Ring, it is royal material.

3. The Oval Cut

The trending shape from the past, the oval cut is making its big comeback in the engagement world. This type of ring cut has an elongated shape that leaves you amazed. The elegance you’ll receive from its aura is unmatchable by other cuts. It is truly a one-of-a-kind. If your woman is a creative and unique personality, it is likely that she will want something that matches that. The oval cut is perfect for this. She will love the imaginative flair of this cut and it will surely impress her!

4. The Emerald Cut

For an understated and sophisticated girl, the emerald cut pours out elegance. It is great for women with a craving for feminine flair and perfection. This ring cut will work great if you are a woman of your own style and make your own trends. The right word to use would be women with a somewhat discerning style sense. Apart from the meaning it holds, the cut is popular for its beauty and the clarity it has compared to the fellow cuts.

5. The Cushion Cut

The Cushion is the trendiest and also the most feminine on the list. It is actually a square plus rectangular shaped cut with rounded corners and large facets. Also known as the pillow-cut it has a classic feel, yet it brings forth the trendy feel from the rings that we see mostly nowadays. This ring cut is perfect for all the divas out there who seek romance and don’t wait on it!

6. The Pear Cut

Worn by celebs like Katherine Heigl, Kaley Cuoco, amongst others, the pear cut is quite the stunner. It is mostly known for its unique style and shape. The ring cut is actually shaped like a tear that also gives the finger an elongated feel and look to it. The pear is not the most commonly purchased ring. Women who usually follow their own trends and make their own too often gravitate towards this ring type. It is perfect for women that are truly individualistic and want to stand out from other brides.

7. The Marquise Cut

Also called the Navette cut, meaning tiny boat, the marquise is the ultimate choice for one seeking elegance in their ring. The reason it’s called that is because of its shape that resembles a boat as both its points meet in a similar way. If you want elongated hands, this is a great illusion piece for that too! The marquise is a cut perfect for the big-hearted woman who loves vintage more than anything else.

8. The Radiant Cut

The name given to this cut does not disappoint. Worn by the likes of glamorous ladies like Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston, the Radiant cut is very similar to the emerald cut. They both resemble the octagon. The radiant cut is different in a way that dazzles. It has about 70 light reflecting facets in it. Extreme bling! The bubbly and flashy woman will adore this cut.

9. The Asscher Cut

The Asscher is definitely for the retro woman. This cut is chosen often by women who love the vintage and old feel and appreciate the charm of the past. Worn by quirky ladies like Zoey Deschanel and Jessica Alba, the Asscher makes retro lovers absolutely lovelorn.

10. The Heart Cut

Probably the sweetest of all ring cuts, the heart ring is made to stand out. It’s not every day you meet a woman that will be willing to wear a heart-shaped ring. Which is why it is not a commonly invested ring and bold women like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Gwen Stefani pull it off beautifully because of their personality type. If you’re a woman that just wants an intimate ring that stands out, then we suggest the heart cut.

Well, there you have it, folks! Ten gorgeous engagement cuts for women of all walks of life. If you’re still confused make sure to visit your jeweler and weigh your options better. Just remember, it’s all about how you feel about the ring, the rest doesn’t matter at all.

30 Interesting Facts About Diamonds

Diamonds have been sought after by scores of people around the world for their beauty, value and usefulness for the past few centuries. Aside from making for extremely beautiful jewelry, diamonds are also used in several other areas, such as industry tools and sound-related machinery. Some people even swear by their effectiveness in beauty products like facials. However, these carbon-based crystals are far more interesting than we know them to be. Here are thirty facts about diamonds that will leave you fascinated at the different ways in which they are present in our lives.

1. A Diamond Is the Hardest Substance on The Planet

Diamonds are roughly fifty-eight times harder than any other substance found on the earth. Their composition and structure make them so dense that they can be cut only by another diamond, and nothing else.

2. ‘Diamond’ Comes from A Greek Word

The word ‘diamond’ is derived from ‘adamas’ which the Greek word for is ‘invincible’ or ‘indestructible’. It is likely that the word was chosen because of the nearly indestructible nature of diamonds.

3. Diamonds Are Really Old

Natural diamonds are formed after an extremely long process that spans over a billion years, making them extremely old by the time they make it to the surface and are shipped off for cutting and polishing.

4. Diamonds Are Almost Completely Made Out of Carbon

Diamonds are basically soil subjected to extremely high temperatures and pressures over an extended period of time. This process causes the carbon atoms to bond with each other in a way that it becomes the hard substance it is known to be.

5. Different Cuts

Diamonds are commercially available in different shapes that jewellers specifically cut them into for aesthetic purposes. Popular cuts include round brilliant, emerald, oval, princess, marquise and pear shaped.

6. Astrological Significance

In several cultures, astrologers place a high importance on diamonds. Emphasis is also put on details such as the cut of the stone, the size, the finger it is worn on and many other such nuances. Diamonds have also been associated with ruin for people of certain signs of the zodiac.

7. Different Colors

Although mostly white or clear, diamonds have also been known to form in colors other than white. These stones occur very rarely in nature, but have formed in yellow, brown, pink, purple, blue, red and many, many others. The Zoe Diamond, the most expensive diamond ever sold, was auctioned off at a whopping thirty-two million dollars.

8. Artificial Diamonds

Scientists create artificial diamonds using techniques that are similar to the natural process involved in the making of diamonds. Termed as HPHT diamonds or CVD diamonds depending on the method of preparation, these diamonds are used in several ways, including as part of cutting tools.

9. Diamond Dust Was Used as A Method of Killing People

Diamond dust, although seemingly harmless, is simply a finer version of an extremely hard and sharp substance. When ingested, it can cause serious internal injury that can lead to severe ill health, and in the worst-case scenario, death. History is full of examples of people who have used diamond dust to either murder someone else or commit suicide.

10. Roman and Greek Beliefs Around Diamonds

The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that diamonds were either the tears of the Gods solidified, and the Romans also believed that Cupid, the god of lust and attraction, had arrowheads made out of diamonds. This could be the origin of the common association of diamonds with love.

11. Diamonds as A Source of Strength and Courage

Many cultures believed that diamonds supplied the wearer with much needed strength that was needed during battle, prompting them to fit diamonds into the armor of soldiers, hoping to give them the support they would need in dire situations.

12. Diamonds Can Be Found in The Flame of a Candle

Dr. Zhou Wuzong, from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, discovered that a single candle flame contains about 1.5 million diamond nanoparticles for every second that it burns. Scientists are now looking into this discovery and trying to discover a cheaper means of creating diamonds artificially.

13. Ashes Can Be Turned into Diamonds

Memorial diamonds, which are artificial diamonds made out of the ashes and, in some cases, the hair of departed loved ones, are offered by several companies in the US, as well as companies from certain countries in the UK.

14. There Are Diamonds in Space, And One of Them Is Called Lucy

The popular Beatles song is not about this particular diamond; rather, scientists named the star Lucy, after the song. The star is said to be a diamond of ten billion trillion carats. On the other hand, 55 Cancri E, a carbon planet with a diamond core, is located roughly fifty light years away from the earth and revolves around a star in the Milky Way.

15. The Cullinan Diamond

The largest rough diamond of gem quality to be found in history, the Cullinan diamond was found in a mine in South Africa in the year 1905. It weighed three thousand one hundred and six carats when it was found. The stone was cut into a hundred and five pieces, many of which are currently owned by Queen Elizabeth II.

16. Diamonds Were Once Collected Rather Than Mined

Diamonds are formed several kilometers under the earth’s surface and are then pushed up to the surface of the earth because of underground volcanic activity. These diamonds eventually found their way into water bodies like rivers, where they were picked up by people, found either at the bottom or at the banks of the rivers.

17. Diamonds Were Not Always Available to The Public

Diamonds used to be a status symbol for the rich and the powerful of the medieval times, most commonly the monarch or king. This was during a time when diamonds were extremely rare, and the possession of a diamond by a commoner was, in certain places, a punishable offense. However, this changed when the diamond mines were discovered in South Africa.

18. Diamonds Lose A Large Part of Their Volume in The Cutting and Polishing Process

Rough diamonds, when removed from their place of origin, resemble little more than thick chunks of either clear or colored glass. To give them the beauty that we see and recognize, jewelers cut the diamond and then polish it, which results in a loss of at least fifty per cent of the diamond.

19. Certain Diamonds May Be of Extraterrestrial Origin

Carbonado diamonds, also popularly known as black diamonds, are rumored to have originated from a supernova that hit the earth’s surface (after splitting into two) in two places, namely Brazil and the Central African Republic, which are the only two sources of black diamonds. This theory, however, is not widely accepted in the scientific community.

20. Although Extremely Dense, Diamonds Can Be Split

Scientists use highly specific and accurate machinery to find the weak spots in the structure of a diamond, and when placed just right, these machines are capable of splitting a diamond in one single strike. However, these weak spots are extremely rare and hard to find.

21. A Park in The United States Allows You to Dig Up Your Own Diamonds

The Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, is the one place in the entire world where you have the option of getting your nails in the dirt and trying to dig up a diamond for yourself.  Several lucky diggers have managed to find a diamond to take home, the biggest one being the Uncle Sam diamond, which was found in the 1920s.

22. A Diamond Formed Is Only A Millionth of The Volume of The Solid Rock It Is Comprised of

The only way to understand exactly how intense the compressive energies that are involved in the process of diamond making are, is to appreciate the fact that a million units of mined rock, get heated and compressed into one single unit of diamond. That really puts a whole new meaning to the term ‘one in a million’.

23. Diamonds Are Being Mined More and More Each Year

Diamonds have tons of uses, and this means that the demand for them is growing by the day. In response, diamond miners are uncovering roughly a million carats of diamonds every year, and that figure is steadily growing. In addition, over a hundred thousand tons are being synthetically created in labs every year.

24. Diamonds Could Potentially Detect Cancer

An Australian study from the year 2015 studied the possibility of the usage of diamonds in detecting the presence of cancerous tumors in their early stages. Diamonds have the ability to light up cancer cells that could normally be hard to detect using conventional methods available in the field of medicine.

25. New York City Sells Around 80% Of the World’s Diamonds

Most rough diamonds are shipped off to Antwerp in Belgium (which is commonly referred to as the Diamond capital of the world) where they are processed, cut and polished. Immediately after, they are sent to New York City, where they are most likely to get auctioned off at one of the many famous auction venues in the city, or at Diamond Ring Store NYC.

26. An Irish Man Swallowed A Diamond Ring in an Attempt to Steal It

Ian Campbell, an Irish man who was on vacation in Turkey, stole a ring from a jewelry story and swallowed it when he was afraid, he would get caught. He was hospitalized when the ring began to cause damage to his internal organs and had to remain in the hospital for 36 hours before the ring was removed.

27. The Diamond on A Ring Sits on the ‘Vein of Love’

According to tradition, engagement rings are worn on the fourth finger or the ring finger of the left hand because that finger contains what people believe to be the vein of love. This belief has its origins in Egypt.

28. The 1st Diamond Engagement Ring

The Archduke Maximilian of Austria is the first known individual to present an engagement ring; he gifted a gold ring with an ‘m’ formed of diamonds to his lady love, Mary of Burgundy.

29. Diamonds Are Not Mined in Europe and Antarctica

Every continent has some countries that mine diamonds, but none of them are in Europe or Antarctica. This is ironic considering the fact that Antwerp in Belgium is considered as the diamond capital of the world.

30. The Harry Winston Legacy Was Bought for Fifty Million Dollars by Auction

Formerly called the Pink Legacy, the nearly nineteen carat pink diamond was bought by the luxury jewelry brand Harry Winston at the auction at Christie’s which boasted the biggest pink diamond it had ever sold in history. The color of the diamond was termed ‘vivid’, which was considered astonishing considering the size of the stone.

Who knew that diamonds were such interesting creations? Perhaps the world of diamonds will show us many more wonders to come. Only time will tell.

20 Popular Gemstones for Engagement Rings Besides Diamonds In 2019

Choosing the right stone for your engagement ring is important, because it will stay on for a lifetime. Diamond is special, but it is very rare and expensive. Instead, you can try these lovely options that would look great too. In this post, we offer you twenty alternative options.

1. Turquoise

One of the most attractive stones is turquoise, a mild, radiant stone that suits the occasion very well. The turquoise color resonates simplicity and the light mood for the occasion. Turquoise jewels are famous in several regions, such as in Anatolia, where the stone is quite appreciated. A gift of turquoise can look pleasant and soothing at all times.

2. Ruby

Red is the color of love, and rubies are rare gems that all lovers appreciate. With a ruby, you will essentially be providing a blood red connection. If you can choose the right set to accompany the gem, it turns out to be even better! In some cultures, the ruby is seen as a gem of love and warmth, which connects people, so this is of course, a great choice.

3. Sapphire

Sapphire is another soothing stone, and a darker variant of the simplicity in turquoise. This type is generally associated with people born in September and is a conundrum variety which is found naturally. Sapphire is often used as a gift in multiple occasions, especially owing to the fine shine and luxurious appeal attached to it.

4. Aquamarine

If you do not disagree with the statement that blue is the warmest color, aquamarine is a great choice among blue gems. This gem has a very faint light green tint, but it is heavily blue, and appears like water. It has one of the most stunning appearances in this list, and perfectly suits the requirements of a special ring.

5. Opal

Associated with the zodiac sign Libra and the month of October, opal easily makes it to the list of luxurious gems. This stone radiates color and has an amorphous character. It is known that opal contains small amounts of water. One of the most useful choices offered by opal is the variety of color. You really get to choose the shade you like and the one which defines the identity of your relationship best.

6. Pearl

The majestic pearl needs no introduction and definitely no justification for appearing on this list. It is available in Black, White, Purple, Grey, Brown, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange and Blue. White is the most preferred color for the pearl, as it expresses the purest and most natural form of beauty. Try this gem for a brilliant expression of love.

7. Morganite

Morganite is referred to as the diamond’s ultimate alternative to the luster and shine provided by this ring. It is sharp, bright and radiant, and it echoes a certain amount of finesse. It is popularly used for engagement rings, so you wouldn’t be isolated in your choice. It is also much cheaper than diamond! Its mineral class is Beryl.

8. Garnet

Garnets form a group consisting of only silicate minerals which have been used since the Bronze Age as abrasives and gemstones. The color of garnets is generally dark red, so it is a lovely choice and a precious representation of the color of the human heart. You can have it put in a frame of your choice. Start now by taking a look at a Pear Diamond Engagement Ring.

9. Moissanite

Moissanite is the perfect representation of a starry sky with a diamond flash. It was discovered by a French scientist named Henri Moissan, who would later be awarded with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The stone has been named after him. Apart from fitting engagement rings fairly well, the moissanite stone is a great alternative to the expensive diamond.

10. Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a priceless gem. It can be found in almost all colors in the rainbow and happens to be very versatile and beautiful. In most cases, Tourmaline is marketed in long slender shaped stones owing to the make of the raw material for it.

11. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli or lapis, as it is referred to as, is a deep blue stone. It has always been a source of fascination for the human eye and has been honored for its rich color since antiquity. Lapis lazuli remains fairly common till this day. It is used on necklaces, rings and much more, which make it a sought-after stone.

12. Onyx

Onyx is different and interestingly so. While all the other stones offer plain singular colors that keep them more or less in the identity of simple gemstones, onyx is an artist’s choice. It has bands, which range from white to almost all known colors, making this gemstone a popular choice.

13. Tanzanite

Associated with the month of December, tanzanite is another addition to the long list of blue gems on this list. It also has traces of the color violet, which provide it a polished and dignified appeal. If you want to use this on your engagement ring, tanzanite has a radiant glow which makes it noticeable. It is also a very beautiful gemstone, so that makes it an easy choice for you.

14. Sodalite

The color of sodalite radiates luxury. It is rich, royal and deep, which make this stone another popular choice to the aesthete’s eye. Using this as a token of love is significant, as it symbolizes a deep sense of connection. The stone appears quite often as a supporting gem to many precious pieces of jewelry. Give it an individual role on the ring, and sodalite will do wonders to the spirit of your relationship.

15. Amethyst

Amethyst is basically a violet colored variant of quartz. The Greeks believed that the amethyst protected its owner from drunkenness. Amethyst is crystalline in nature, and this let early people imagine that it was synonymous to luxury. It adorned palaces and prince’s chambers, while being a stone associated with soothing and nobility. This is something that would definitely charm the relationship.

16. Labradorite

Labradorite is a pearly looking glassy stone which has a large variation of colors. It is available in a range of colors, but what makes it stand apart is the fact that the stone appears to paint a pretty picture. Its beautiful deformities form patterns that appear like shapes and images within the gemstone.

17. Sunstone

The colors of sunstone are red, brown, orange and yellow, which define how it was named. Sunstone is lovely and mild, and it radiates warmth. Though not too deep in color, its mild appearance can have a soothing effect, much like its stunning beauty.

18. Tsavorite

An emerald green offshoot of the garnet group, tsavorite should happen to be one of your favorites if you are looking for something with a certain amount of taste. Tsavorite appears in a crude rock, but its form is plainly distributed, giving it a level of perfection that few could miss.

19. Peridot

Peridot has a very interesting color – it is olive green and has a diamond appearance. It is often associated with the zodiac Leo and the month associated is August. Peridot is rare, and it is often confused with an emerald, but it has a wonderful effect.

20. Topaz

Topaz is associated with the month of November and with the zodiac Scorpio. Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Red, Purple, Brown, Orange, Grey and Pink are the colors in which topaz is available. Topaz is named from the Greek “topazion” and its significance as a material of choice among both jewel owners and jewelers is well experienced.

These gems are lovely for your engagement ring. All you must do is have them encased in a design of your choice and you’re good to go! Have a lovely time working on the plan!

A Complete Guide to Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well, if you’re anyone who loves diamond jewelry, this guide is your best friend! Diamonds are a versatile piece that will always make a statement in your jewelry box. Now, don’t get us wrong. We are aware that these precious stones can be expensive (considering people spent $56 million on them back in 2015). However, customers just can’t help but purchase this classic stone. When it comes to specifically diamond studs, they are considered a must for every new age woman and it adds just the perfect amount of class. So, here is a guide to buying diamond stud earrings.

1. Budget Matters

No matter how much you brag about splurging, a budget can be useful. Having a certain price point in mind will help narrow down your options. This is because diamonds are just one of those things in life that you just can’t pick one of, all of them are worth having! Also, customers usually get scammed because they blindly believe the offers, they are being asked. Those aren’t actually offering, it’s the actual price. Which is why you should have a fixed rate in mind before you leave for the store. You could also research about prices online. Since its the age of technology and the internet, why not get a bargain through it?

2. Buy Certified Studs

Everyone has come across fake sellers at least once in their shopping history. However, you wouldn’t want that happening to you when you’re out looking for a pair of Diamond Stud Earrings. Whenever you step into any jewelry store, make sure to ask the employee for a certificate. This is just to be safe and to make sure you know what you’re buying. If you’re in the United States, then look for a certified statement by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). If you’re in India, you could refer to the GIA India that is a fast growing Indian gemologist branch. GIA has actually become a worldwide gem association and has stations in over twelve countries.

3. Larger Carat Weight

When we say carat weight, we actually mean the metric weight of the gemstone. However, it can be different than when measuring the weight of say maybe a wedding ring. Diamond stud earrings are very subtle and small which is why the design matters the most and it needs to carry it out well so as to make it visible. A tip is to cut expenses on the clarity, color and features like that and invest in a properly weighted gemstone.

4. Choose A Cut

Diamond jewelry is luckily extremely customizable. So, you can get those dazzling pair of earrings you always dreamed of.  When it comes to the shape and cut of the diamond, it really amounts to your preference. However, we do recommend shopping according to your face shape. For example, if you have a shorter face then rounder cuts will look exquisite. Also, colors are available in various hues. although white is the universally flattering and preferable color, it all really depends on the customer. So, if you want to buy those baby pink earrings, we aren’t stopping you!

5. Choose the Setting

The back piece holds the whole piece all together (literally). So, determine well what will work best for you. There are three main options to choose from, pushback, clip and screw. The pushbacks are the most common and most loved since it is the easiest to use. Also, don’t forget to choose the size of the screw as well to avoid frustrations with it later. Screw backs are the safest and will keep your earrings stable. However, it can be difficult to set in place.