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    Yes, I understand. Thank you again. 




    Hi, Srinivasa!

    Many thanks for the enlightenment. I really want to ask you regarding the compatibility of myself with my wife as well. My details are already there in the first thread.

    Me and my wife usually have lot of arguments? Sometimes really bad!!!

    We have two kids one girl 6 years and one boy 6 months. We had two mis-carriages before in between these two kids.

    My wife details are as follows:

    • Name: Monica
    • DOB: July 4, 1979
    • TOB: 8.20 A.M.
    • POB: Chandigarh, India

    Please give me details how we can make our life more harmonious… Many thanks in advance…


    Dear harmeet,

    Looking both of your horoscopes it will match to maximum extent only slight misunderstandings wich are the reason for the quarell and i can see your wife’s language what she uses during any argument will lead out to the big fight. She can’t keep up the truth and you strive for the truth which will also become the reason for the quarrel. She is of little saddist mindset and you being arrogant mindset so just imagine if these kind of people mingle the situation? However it could be of how much ever serious kind of issues and quarrels occur in your life, you wont get departed / separated because of Jupiter in both of your horoscope. Due to the fear of GOD and family realted issues you will come to an compromise. So no need to worry even lord if wish can’t separate you both…:)

    As you requested for some remedies i would like to suggest here is to worship Sai baba or any guruji every thursday by both keeping fast in baba’s name which could bring calmness between you both.

    GOD BLESS!!!

    Srinivasa Temkar

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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