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    A new color change garnet has been discovered in the Taita Taveta  Region of Kenya.  This blue garnet is a new find outside of the small amounts  coming out of  Madagascar. Less then 5% of production of all the color change and color shift garnets  rival the finest  alexandrites from Russia and Brazil. These include  blue/green to red/purple color changes. Much of the materials do have some rutile or hematite  inclusions which are typical of the umba river valley color change garnets in Tanzania found to the south of this new discovery.

    The uniqueness of this new blue-green color change garnet  is that each stone is in fact an individual stone. Having  chemically analyzed this new color change garnet, each  single stone differs from the next in the chemical formula in creation  such  color change  itself,   by replacement minerals , all being in different proportions as well.  Each stone is an  truely individual stone and work of art with dazzling colors in sunlight as well as in other light sources.

    To see pictures of the mining and also the color change garnets go to and see Kenya’s new color change garnets.


    That’s great news. Lucky to be have this Garnet. These garnets are perfect for ones Engagement Ring. thanks to you for sharing such a good post. Thanks once more.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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