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    I am wearing an African YELLOW SAPPHIRE (Semi Transparent) in Right Hand Ring Finger with an AMETHYST (more info: amethyst gemstone and amethyst meaning) in right hand Middle Finger. A BLOODSTONE (more info: bloodstone gemstone and bloodstone meaning) in Left Hand Ring Finger.

    Also wearing a Locket with WHITE SAPPHIRE + PEARL + RED CORAL.

    Seeking advise on whether I can wear a RUBY or AQUAMARINE with above. Aquamarine is a variety of Beryl, the same family to which Emerald belongs (more info: aquamarine gemstone and aquamarine meaning). Or what is the best combination as I am having trouble in Career i.e. no job & very unsuccessful in business.

    My details are as follows:

    • Name: Najmus Saquib
    • DOB: February 24, 1974
    • TOB: Between 9:15 A.M. – 9:30 A.M.
    • POB: Chittagong, Bangladesh
    • Living in: Karachi, Pakistan

    Hello Najmus 

    welcome to the forum.

    As per your birth details provided by you, you have born on uttara bhadrapada constellation pisces zodiac and Aeries Ascendant.

    As per your birth details you are an positive attitude person, you show yourself as straight forward person, however infact you are not as you are an back bitter more. Main draw back would be your mindset which is of fear and anxity which draw backs in each part of your life. Your speech is as rough and not pleasing and welcoming and most of the time because of your words you have lost many freinds / relatives as well. During important situations you couldnt speak out and just welcome the trouble. Your wife / partner would be more dedicated and loyal towards you and elders. You will be very poor  in repaying your liabilities you had. And you will find tough in finding new jobs. So my advice would be is not to change the jobs frequently and if any obstruction encountered in your career you should open your mouth and use positive approach with pleasing words in solving your problems.

    Main thing is you are having Kala Sarpa Yog which will be troubling all parts of your life and especially your professional life. And in service life is concerned it would be full of ups and downs every few days / months due to placements of moon. And you would be facing loss due to your lazy mindset and fear towards it. 

    As per your vimshottari, you are running with ketu mahadasha from last january 2010 and will be till january 2017. During this period only started encountering loss of job  and loss in business and from last december 2013 you are finding some sort of relief from your tensions which you are undergone.

    As per your present planetory positions you started facing financial struck from last 25th of december 2012 and this particular situation will stop after mid of july this year. And from last two years you were having sade sati shani / lagu sade shani / astama shani during this period you will be having lots of troubles in financial and especially your career / business concerned. This particular period will stop after this year november 2014.

    Main reason for your career and business is concerned is Kala sarpa yog which has to be neutralised. And planetory positions and dasha was also not supporting to your career life. So it should change after this november 2014. after november you will definetaly will find a good job and completely get satisfied after january 2017 i.e another 3 more years of trouble.

    And referring your gemstone combination i dont know who adviced you this combination / you yourself start wearing this. Please dont ever wear amethyst and blood stone together they will start destroying your life. And i can see these wouldnt cause you much trouble as they are semi precious stones. And yellow sapphire doesnt even fuel you in career oriented troubles.

    To advice you accordingly could you please mention your job trade?

    GOD BLESS!!!

    Srinivasa Temkar


    Dear Srinivasa,

    Thank you very much for a detailed analysis. I must appreciate your effort and time for guidance.

    My job/service was in Garments and I am in this trade since last 10+ years. Major responsibilities include MARKETING and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. Have worked in Senior/Top Level positions in companies I worked for and had the opportunity to travel abroad.

    Please note that the Gemstones that I wear are not consulted from any Jotish/Astrologist but I have applied these with different Gemology and Astrological (SELF) studies.

    Wore Amethyst and Bloodstone in July 2013 but I do not regularly wear these combination. Permanently wearing the NECK LOCKET with the combination of : WHITE SAPPHIRE/TOPAZ (Top) + PEARL (Middle) + RED CORAL (Bottom).

    I wear two RINGS for HEALING (Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure) and ASTROLOGICAL Purpose.

    1. YELLOW SAPPHIRE Ring (Right Ring Finger)
    2. RUBY Ring (Left ring Finger)

    **Sometimes I change the RINGS combination to following:

    • YELLOW SAPPHIRE (Right Ring Finger)
    • RUBY (Left ring Finger)
    • BLOODSTONE (Right Middle Finger or Left Ring Finger)

    NOTE: I have recently purchased CAT’S EYE (White Lehsunia) and GOMED (Hessonite Garnet). I have BLUE SAPPHIRE (Bangkok) and TURQUOISE from my past collection.

    Will greatly appreciate if you can kindly advise which Gemstone Combination would be best for me for Healing and Astrological Remedial Purpose.


    Dea Najmus,

    I would advice you to dont make yourself as an experimental instrument for your gemstone experiment. It will some times harm you in such a situation where you can’t do any more experiments on yourself. So it would always better to contact learned astrologer who doesn’t demand you more and has good knowledge and most of the time more knowledgable people dont give more importance for money and give importance to people. and on the other hand less knowledge people dont want to loose your money and look for as much as possible they could drag from you, because they know their knowledge is very limited for limited time.

    My basic question towards you is why you want to wear so many gemstones? And as before only mentioned amethyst and bloodstone are not suppose to wear together. And wearing ruby which is not at all related to your blood pressure control and wearing it in wrong fingers both yellow sapphire and ruby. And for your information you are not suppose to change the gemstone rings as you mentioned. And more over you are not suppose to wear cats eye and gomed together as they are both enemies. So only they wont at all stay together and stay apart in opposite houses.

    I think you would have referred some road side local books and started experimenting on yourself….i really petty your future.

    GOD BLESS!!!

    Srinivasa Temkar


    I would greatly appreciate if you can kindly advise the right GEMSTONE(s) for me to wear as per the BIRTH details shared in the beginning.

    Sorry for any confusion. Please note I only have the following Gemstones and No Ring or wearables made with these. I only purchased following as hobby and not wearing:

    • CAT’S EYE

    I am wearing only the YELLOW SAPPHIRE & RUBY Rings in Right & Left Ring Fingers plus the NECK LOCKET that has WHITE SAPPHIRE/TOPAZ + PEARL+ RED CORAL.

    Thanks & B. Regards,




    Regarding health, for:

    • Diabetes: Yellow sapphire of 3 carat set in gold ring on your right hand index finger.
    • Hypertension: Red coral of 4 carat set in gold ring on your right hand ring finger.
    • Career: Emerald of 5 carat set in gold ring on your right hand little finger.
    • Blue Sapphire: Will cause health issues and mental agony.
    • Hessonite Garnet and Cat’s Eye: Both stone should not be worn together. And it won’t help for your ‘Kalasarpa Yog’.
    • Ruby: Will affect your marketing strategies.
    • Neck Locket: Will just acts as a jewelery with no astrology effects.

    GOD BLESS!!!

    Srinivasa Temkar


    Dear Srinivasa:

    Thank you very much for outlining stone and properties.

    I am a Muslim and have religious bounding on wearing rings on INDEX FINGER & THUMB. That is why I am not wearing PUKHRAJ (Yellow Sapphire) in my Index finger of Right Hand.

    Just to summarize, I have following stones in my collection and after your reply I have removed everything & not wearing currently any Ring or Locket.


    This locket is worn in Black Thread and made in Sterling Silver Metal with following Sequence of Gemstones:

    1. WHITE SAPPHIRE (4 Carat)
    2. FARMED WHITE PEARL (3 Carat)
    3. RED CORAL (5 Carat)

    RINGS (Not wearing anymore)

    1. PUKHRAJ / Yellow Sapphire (African 5.25 Carat)
    2. RUBY (Pakistan 5 Carat)
    3. AMETHYST (Mozambique 6.25 Carat)
    4. BLOODSTONE (5 Carat)
    5. WHITE CAT’S EYE (Indian 4.50 Carat)


    1. NEELAM (Bangkok 5.75 Carat)
    2. HESSONITE GARNET / GOMED (India 4 Carat)

    Please disregard the GEMSTONES that I have worn in past and what I have as part of my personal collection.

    I will greatly appreciate your valuable advise on what Gemstones should I wear and in which Finger (Index Finger & Thumb are exception) and Muhurat (what day/date or time).

    Note below my wife’s detail and advise for both of us. As you know, I am currently struggling in business and have been out of job since February 2013.

    • Name: QURATUL AIN
    • DOB: 18 November 1986
    • TOB: 11:00 A.M.
    • POB: Karachi, Pakistan
    • Married (Nikah): 09 October 2009 (5:30 – 6:00 P.M.)
    • Marriage Ceremony: 12 October 2009
    • Marriage Place: Karachi, Pakistan

    Thank you very much for your valuable advise and looking forward to your kind and able guidance.



    Dear Najmus,

    I have already specified the gemstones above i can’t understand why you telling the same things again. You can avoid pukhraj if you don’t want to wear it on your index finger.. And for career emerald as i suggested above. You can’t wear career gem along with your health ( diabeties and hypertension) gemstones as they will give out negative results. So i would suggest to wear only emearald and nothing else.

    As i had mentioned before you are having kala sarpa dosh. Which is the main reason for your problems from childhood. So you need to follow rahu and ketu remedial measures and also you are running with ketu maha dasha from jan 2010 till jan 2017 you started with loads of tensions and problems. As you see it continues till jan 2017.

    At the same time you are having kantak shani from last 2 years and till november this year 2014. So would like to know are you comfortable to follow remedial measures which i prescribe in form of chanting / meditation few mantras which are very powerfull?

    And can you be little specific what question you are looking about your wife? And what specific question you are looking as couple together as you had shared your marriage date, time and place?

    GOD BLESS!!!

    Srinivasa Temkar



    Thank you again for attending my query in detail. Well noted that I should only wear the EMERALD Ring of 4-5 Carat in my Right Hand PINKY Finger.

    1. Sorry, but want to ask again whether I should wear the neck LOCKET that has White Sapphire, Pearl & Red Coral.
    2. I repeated the query as the EMERALD (Mercury), RED CORAL (Mars) & PUKHRAJ (Jupiter). I read that these three gemstones represents conflicting planets and wanted to clarify on that.
    3. Also wanted to know if I can wear Pukhraj in any finger other than INDEX Finger. The reason for that is explained in my above posted query.
    4. Kindly review my wife’s posted detail & advise about our compatibility. Also suggest GEMSTONE(s) for her. She is suffering from Hepatitis C and feeling very weak & sick.



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