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    Since you have seen progress using white sapphire in your career, I would suggest you to keep wearing it. It should be worn as a ring on index finger of right hand in case of male. Do not wear yellow sapphire and white sapphire both at the same time.

    You can also wear pearl as a ring on little finger of right hand in case of male. Anyone can wear a pearl. Many-many people in India wear pearl. Pearl is worn to ease mental tension & temper. It gives wearer a peace of mind. I also used to wear pearl for some years.

    I would suggest you to wear white sapphire in silver in index finger and white pearl in silver in little finger of your right hand. Pearl should be worn on Monday and White Sapphire to be worn on Thursday in the morning after worshipping. Keep both gemstone (pearl and white sapphire) on early sunrays to energize.


    Hi, I am wearing red coral on my left hand ring finger, blue Sapphire on my left hand middle finger and yellow sapphire on my right hand index finger, ruby on my right hand ring finger. Am I wearing my stone in right manner?



    Female should wear all there rings on left hand. Even if you need to wear two rings on same finger you should go for the left hand.

    Everything is correct except that you should not wear Blue Sapphire as it is anti for both Yellow Sapphire & Ruby and you should wear yellow sapphire and ruby on your left hand.



    Basically, ruby represent for sun and yellow saffire for jupiter both are rriendly in nature. Ruby represent king or high class officer while yellow saffire for teaching job and business. So you can wear both or alone no problem.



    I want to know that Blue Sapphire should be worn on which finger of the hand? I am wearing the gemstone on my right hand of the middle finger. Is it suitable for me?


    @Ajay Rai,

    Blue Sapphire should be worn on middle finger of right hand in case of male preferably on yellow gold. You are wearing it correctly and you don’t need to worry about it!


    @Sanjay, (click here to view Sanjay’s question)

    Hi ,
    According to astrology, plant relationship (Graha maitri) is there. They are classified as friends and enemies.

    For example:
    SUN has friends – Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Enemies – Saturn and Venus.

    So, this might be the reason that one should not wear RUBY (SUN) with BLUE SAPPHIRE (SATRUN) as both have enemy relationship.


    Congratulation for your wonderful webpage, it is so informative. Anyways, I am wearing the following rings in my hands. Can you give me some opinion on these please…

    small finger = emerald
    ring finger = diamond
    middle finger = blue sapphire
    index finger = cat’s eye
    thumb finger = garnet

    small finger = pearl
    ring finger = ruby
    middle finger = topaz
    index finger = red coral
    thumb finger = tourmalinated quartz



    Wow! Thats a lot of gemstone on your fingers!

    Best of Luck 🙂


    Hi I am wearing blue saphire in middle finger and yellow sapphire in index finger in right hand and diamond in ring finger in the left hand. Are these right combination?


    Hello Sir,

    My daughter’s DOB is Nov. 28,1993. She is wearing blue sapphire in middle finger and Ruby pendant in gold chain. Can you advise me it is ok for her? Waiting for your answer.



    I am not a Jyotish or qualified astrologer. I know little bit of astrology because of my own interest in it.

    First of all, Blue Sapphire & Ruby should not be worn together unless suggested by a good astrologer.

    DOB (Date of Birth), TOB (Time of Birth), POB (Place of Birth) is required to get horoscope and I am not an expert in this field so you need to consult an astrologer at your end.




    My Name is Gemini and my DOB is -14/01/1987. An astrologer advised me to wear Blue Sapphire for good reasons and I wear it on the date of February 23, 2013. He said that it can give me positive results within 3 seconds or 3 minutes or 3 hours or 3 days but everything is normal in my life.

    Now a jeweller advised me to wear Yellow Sapphire and he said that Blue Sapphire is useful to protect a person from any sort of bad things and Yellow sapphire is used for benefits in wealth and business. I am in real estate business and I am wearing Blue Sapphire substitute (6.25 ratti) on the middle finger and Diamond on the ring finger for a week to check if it delivers any positive results.

    Should I wear a real Blue Sapphire instead of substitute? Please advise me what I should do; should I wear both Sapphires in same hand or in different hand.


    Please confirm if I can wear following gemstones in different hands:

    1. ruby, yellow sapphire, emerald – together
    2. ruby, yellow sapphire, emerald, coral – together
    3. ruby, yellow sapphire, emerald, coral, pearl – together



    @ Rinku,

    You can wear all these gemstone (ruby, yellow sapphire, emerald, coral & pearl) on the same hand at the same time without any problem. However, please note that male should wear gemstone on their right hand while female on left hand.

    I hope this answers your question.

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