Hello Srinivasa Temkar, Many

Ritesh Shende

Hello Srinivasa Temkar,

Many thanks for your help!

Can you please provide me your response on an urgent basis for the below query. It’s regarding my brother “Satish Shende”. He is planning for his marriage. His birth details are as follows:

  • DOB: March 6, 1983
  • TOB: 3:00 PM
  • POB: Nagpur, India

Can you please let me know whether his Kundli is matching with the girl we have selected for him? Her brith details are as follows:

  • Name: Sarika Turkar
  • DOB: June 19, 1991
  • TOB: 11:30 AM
  • POB: Ghorhad near Wardha, India.

Also let me know is it alright if they will marry or will it arise any complications, difficulties after their marriage?